Space, either intergalactic or interstellar, is and nearly has always been, to mortal minds infinite in nature and incomprehensible in scope. In a miniscule corner of the vast darkness lies a supercluster of galaxies, the Virgo Group. The Virgo Group is only one of the countless superclusters that make up the ever-expanding universe. In that territory, lie clusters of galaxies, one of which was primarily known to its inhabitants as the Local Group. Within the confines of the Local Group are twenty or so galaxies, most elliptical, some spiral, and others irregular or peculiar in nature. Inside the three million light-year diameter of the Local Group lie the two largest members, spiral galaxies—the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy.

Centering on the Milky Way Galaxy, in the galactic southwest, is a surprisingly populous parsec of space. To the southeast of Algol lies a visual binary system, and surrounding this binary system is a patchwork of various stars making up the corner of the Milky Way called the Western Link. The binary system was the Soul of the Link. This system has twin yellow stars, nearly the same size and type of earth's own sun, and fourteen planets, eight terrestrial and six Jovian. The seventh and eighth planets are in a double planet system, along with a single moon that revolves around both planets. Both the planets and moon support life, being within the ecosphere of the binary system. The planets are approximately the same size, and the moon one-fourth their size. This single system was the focal point of the Celestial Alliance before the fall.

Once upon a time, an alliance had been formed between systems for a thousand parsecs across. The Celestial Alliance, as it had been called, spanned over twenty separate star-faring peoples with its headquarters in the Soul of the Western Link. For ten thousand years, the Celestial Alliance had been preeminent among the interstellar coalitions; then suddenly, it collapsed and disbanded with the fall of one system. This system had overthrown their rulers with the hopes of establishing a democracy. Seeing that the people of the Soul of the Western Link had grown arrogant and cruel, and that their hearts had drifted from Him, their God left them to their own wills. The people abandoned their morals, their God, and their love for each other. Corruptness and chaos ensued. The unity between worlds shattered.

Shortly thereafter, the system was invaded by a neighboring people. This people's propensity toward conquer had been thwarted by the Alliance, but now danger threatened all because of the collapse. The people built up an Empire and expanded it, and in a matter of twenty years, they had conquered sixteen worlds, including the Soul of the former Alliance. They squandered the resources and wealth of the planets, as well as slaughtered and subjugated the people. Two thousand years passed and the Empire retained dominance. Their reach extended as far as the original Alliance. They lorded over their captives and believed in their hearts they could never be overthrown.

They were mistaken. For in that binary star system, the people awoke. They confessed their past sins and begged their God to have mercy. He heard their cry, and restored to them the former leaders. In the system of Safi and Soka, on the planets of Kalori and Eyala, the Keesas, the Judges of Kalori, were born again for the first time after two thousand years.