{{Next 'session' seems to be the two Interviewers talking}}

Well. Those are the Founders. What do you think?

Right bunch of loonies, if you ask me. Other than that… I don't know. Hearing them all talk,
it's strange… I don't know what to think. These are the people who began it all? This is what
they have to say, in the aftermath?

Aftermath? Like something's ended?

Well, it has, hasn't it? If a group locks up their leaders, what's left of the group?

Herd mindset.


Like they said, herd mindset. As if, without leaders, we won't know what to do.

Well, do we? I mean, really? What are we doing now if not following our superiors, who are
following *their* superiors… on and on until there's someone up there, blindly moving on, not
knowing the meaning of it all anymore. As if they, whoever is left, can tell that their decisions
are right and in keeping with the spirit of the cause. But can they tell what the spirit of the cause
is, when the people that best embodied it are now called traitors?

You sound like them, the Founders. Keep it up and you'll be locked up with them.

Would that be so bad?

Yes, it would. I mean, the Founders themselves said that they didn't know where they were
going, just that they hoped that things would be right in the end. They wanted to effect a change
greater than themselves. And if it's bigger than them, then someone else can take up the mantle
of leadership, too, just as well as they ever did.

Hm. I wonder.


Who's up at the top now?

Wait, what does that mean?

Who's in control? Everyone knew the names of the Founders – even those that escape the
Outside to join us now knows their names. But the ones in charge now, who are they?

I… I don't know…

Exactly. You know what else? There haven't been any new recruits lately.

You've got to be kidding.

Nope. I heard from my friend, Jodie in Integrations, that she's going to be transferred soon. She
says that she hasn't had anything to do, because there're no newcomers to be Integrated.


Yup. She's out of a job.

Well, there's always a place for someone here. She'll have new duties within a week.

If there's a place for everyone here, then she should still be in Integrations. That's where all the
newbies go to get familiarized with the City and how things work around here. There should be
new people to *be* Integrated. Theoretically.

In theory, Capitalism works. (Both laugh, as if this is a well-known joke.) Maybe they've
streamlined things, need less people…

But who's 'they', man?

I don't know…

Makes you wonder, though. I mean, the Founders had things arranged well enough that you
knew who to ask, and you could go to them if you had any real questions. You knew where their
offices were, and if they were busy, they'd at least spare five minutes to tell you they were sorry
they couldn't talk and that if it was important, they'd be free in an hour or two. Now, it's…



Sad. You know, it doesn't make you wonder…

Makes you *doubt*.

(End of Interviewers' Session One)

{{Video tape of holding cell. Room is approximately 20 feet by 15, sparsely finished. Along the
sides are low benches, just short rectangles built onto the wall, and covered in the same thin
carpeting as the floor. The walls without benches are carpeted the same way for three feet above
the floor, and the rest of the walls are painted a light, flat blue. There is a rectangle in the center
of the room, apparently a table, and it is carpeted too. Three figures are in the room, two males
and one female. One of the males is pacing, obviously agitated, the other is reclining, his head
propped on his hand as he watches the other two, and the female is sitting Indian-style on the
'table'. Their voices are tinny, and the tape is grainy and in black-and-white. The audio feed
seems to be at another end of the room, as a voice sounds distant when the speaker moves closer
to the camera, and louder as they move away.}}

WOMAN: Calm down, Mark.

PACING MAN (apparently "Mark"): Fuck no. (Takes a deep drag of his cigarette, then flicks
the ashes away, onto the floor.)

RECLINING MAN: She's right, Mark, you don't need to get so worked up. They wouldn't
execute us in such a (sarcastic) nicely decorated place. Blood is so hard to get out of

WOMAN: (laughs) Exactly.

MARK: What the fuck have you got to laugh about, Carol? Huh?

CAROL: I'm still alive. And so are you two. It's nice to see you guys, to not wonder if you've
been killed…

MARK: Ahh, it's the wondering that's got you, isn't it? Not knowing if those you love and
worked alongside are alive or dead or worse… tortured for information…

RECLINING MAN: (Tensing, sitting up.) Shut up, Mark…

MARK: (continuing) …wondering if he made a better choice by leaving us, or if he just (drops
voice, comes close to CAROL) walked out of the frying pan and into the fires of hell…

CAROL hits MARK. MARK staggers back, hand to his jaw where she hit him.

MAN stands.

CAROL: Shut UP, Mark.

MARK glares at her.

MAN: You didn't have to do that. I would have done it.

CAROL: People keep forgetting that about me. I can be violent when it's called for. (Glares at
MARK for a minute, then looks at the other MAN.) You don't need to do it for me,

(Long pause. MARK sits down and lights another cigarette.)

MARK: (subdued) Why are we here?

EDDIE: Why do you think? To see how we tick.

MARK: If that was all, then why don't they drag us back and 'interview' us some more?

CAROL: You slept through all your classes, didn't you, Mark? Or are you just too fucking
ignorant to get it?

MARK: Get what?

CAROL: In Biology, one of the first things we learn is that there's two ways to find out how
something works. One way is to dissect it, take it apart and look at all the pieces. The
other way is to watch something work, as a whole, and figure out how the pieces interact,
and then understand it.

EDDIE: Holism.

MARK: Why just us, then? Why not the others, too?

EDDIE: They might be dead.

CAROL: (Shakes her head.) I doubt it. Sometimes, when something's too complex as a whole,
you focus in on part of it instead. You don't necessarily take it apart all the way, you just
separate a bit of it, like taking an engine out of a car.

MARK: Do they think we're just parts of a machine? Some bit of technology to pick apart and
see how we tick?

EDDIE: Maybe. (Shakes head ruefully.) Man, if Anton could see us now… (Shoots an
apologetic glance over at CAROL) Oh, I'm sorry…

CAROL: (Quietly) No, it's ok. (Pause) You know what he'd say? That they were pitting us
against each other. I mean, look at who's here: the grieving philosopher-widow, the quiet
intellectual writer, and the obnoxious instigator-loudmouth. I mean, come on, it'd be an
interesting choice to watch interact.

EDDIE: (Laughs.) I wouldn't put us in those categories, but you might be right. (Laughs again.)
But it doesn't matter if we turn on each other. It won't do any good.

MARK: Unless it triggers something. When we go into the interrogation room again, it might
make us say something else, something more that they needed to get out of us.

CAROL: Maybe. I don't know. But we've been forthcoming until now, I can't imagine what it
is they're looking for…

(End of tape)