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"If you lose your dream everything is over"

~ From Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy's image song: Take off to the Sky

An Original Anime/Manga Novel by Caleyndar.

Dedicated to those who live for their Dreams.

Rating: R

Warning: This story contains shounen ai (m/m themes), sex scenes, violence, course language, alcohol use, and incest. Whilst for most part, this story is only PG-13, certain key scenes necessary to the plot push the overall rating up to R. Reader discretion is advised.

Author's Note: There are 3 requirements for readers who attempt this story. 1) You are an anime/manga fan. 2) You are shounen ai / yaoi fan. 3) You can handle controversial material such as incest. ^_^ If you do not meet the requirements, then... I take absolutely no responsibility if you still decide to read this story. ^_^ Oh... And it would help if you had a twisted sense of humour too... o_o

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.: First Posted on - 19th Sept. 2001 :: Revised - 13th Sept. 2002 :.

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The dark gaze was assessing him. Judging him. Phoenix did not like it one bit, as the defiance clearly showed on his youthful face. The man simply sat there motionless at his large black desk, the floor to ceiling windows behind him letting the late morning rays of light stream through.

Several long minutes had passed without either of them exchanging a single word. The man had ordered him to sit when he had entered the overly large and intimidating office and had said nothing since. What game this idiot was playing, Phoenix could only guess, but he was growing tired of it very quickly.

"Hn, I'm sure both of us have better things to do than just sit around, Principal," Phoenix said with a glare, breaking the heavy silence. "So maybe we could hurry this along a little?"

The man simply raised an eyebrow, dark eyes taking another slow roam over the boy sprawled into the high backed chair before him. Flaming red and golden hair, defiant crimson eyes, all topped with a black bandana tied around his forehead bearing the Chinese kanji for 'fire'.

Deliberate playing with the boy, the man took his time with his reply, letting an almost seductive smile slowly form on his thin pale lips. "Very eager, aren't you, Phoenix Incendium…" His white-gloved hands picked up several documents lying peacefully in front of him and levelled them with a few taps on the desk. "Aren't you curious as to why you've been offered a scholarship at Genesis?"

Phoenix gave the man another glare. "Not really. I got it, I'm outta that shit hole, I'm happy," was his less than civilized reply.

The man chose not to acknowledge Phoenix's crude choice of words. "You refer to the orphanage, I assume." He paused for confirmation from the boy, but receiving none, continued. "I must stress, Mr. Incendium, the School of Genesis operates very differently from the orphanage you have called home for the last eleven years of your life, or the local public school you attended. Realise, that from now on, you belong to us. You will do as we tell you, when we tell you, no questions asked."

"And if I refuse?" Phoenix replied, raising an eyebrow, mocking the man's trademark. A smirk was beginning to form on his lips. This was a joke. As if he would ever follow orders he felt strongly against.

"If you refuse…" the Principal pretended to muse over. "I could simply send you back to the orphanage you hate so much… But it would be so much more interesting to break you slowly, don't you think?"

The boy snorted. "Good luck!" His crimson eyes roam upwards, noticing for the first time the vividly painted ceiling and instantly captivated by it. The brilliant blue skies were filled with perfect winged beings dancing alongside frolicking mythical beasts. For several timeless moments, the images held him hypnotised, their realism drawing his full attention, suggesting to him that they could all begin to move at second.

An amused chuckle brought Phoenix's heated gaze back down onto the man seated before him, both annoyed at the Principal for interrupting him, and surprised at having let his attention wander so carelessly.

"We shall see… You are a very interesting boy, Mr. Incendium. I shall enjoy watching your progress here at Genesis, and how this place shapes you… But, we really have wasted much of each other's time, haven't we?" The Principal held out the sheets of crisp white paper towards to boy, who took them with another burning glare. He certainly wasn't liking this man too much, with his secretive smile and air of hidden knowledge.

"Those documents contain your dorm room location, time table, and any other relevant information we believe you need to know," the dark eyed man told the boy as his crimson eyes skimmed over them. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Phoenix Incendium. Perhaps if you are overly defiant as it is in your nature to be, I shall have the pleasure of meeting personally with you once again. Now, if you could, please show yourself out."

"Hn, if I have to see your revolting face again, I may just very well run back to the orphanage myself," Phoenix replied, standing up and hosting his tattered bag onto his shoulder. Without looking back, the thin boy exited the large office via the double doors, shutting them behind him with a loud echoing bang.

"He is amusing…"

The Principal didn't turn around to face the speaker who had seemingly materialised from thin air. He only let a soft laugh escape his lips, dropping his air of authority. "Ah… And what of the other three before him?"

A smile formed on full perfectly shaped lips. "They are the same."

The man gave another gentle chuckle. "You planned this, didn't you? I really do wish you would let me in on your games once in a while. You think I have all the time in the world."

"Well… You do, don't you?"

The man raised his eyebrow, despite the fact that the other could not see it. "I take it you want me to find replacements for the Sacrifices then."

The smile widened. "You know me too well, my friend."

~ * ~

The sheer amount of halls, corridors, walkways and doors were beginning to piss Phoenix off greatly. It was like a maze, this castle. A maze filled with sentinel statues of glaring beasts, watchful unsmiling nymphs and fairies. Who had ever heard of a school being situated in a medieval castle near some no name seaside town anyway? Sure, it was cool, it was awe inspiring, and its dimensions were staggering to behold... But it just seemed a little off. Not right.

And damn those painted ceilings! They were everywhere he went, watching over him, their lifelike eyes following and tracking his every movement. And their smiles. Always so serene yet tinted with sadness. It was unsettling to say the least. Creepy almost.

A scowl marred his face as his eyes scanned the map he held in his hands, trying to reference it to his current surroundings. And of course, when another person would have been of great help for directions, there wasn't another soul in sight. Actually, he hadn't passed or seen anyone since leaving that bastard of a Principal's office. Just those blindly staring stone creations that were too perfect in their realism.

With a low growl from his throat, Phoenix renewed his search for his dorm room, ignoring the growing tension within his body. After travelling up several flights of stairs and along more stone corridors, the boy finally found himself facing his destination, a bit out of breath and stressed, but otherwise unharmed.

The golden numbers on the door read 703, and the door itself was a thick heavy slab of polished wood sporting a large brass ring knocker gripped in the mouth of a lion. Phoenix suddenly had the distinct feeling of being in a horror movie, and opening the door before him would lead to certain doom. But before he could contemplate his next course of action, the door opened on its own accord with an inward rush of air, and something that was comparable to a cannonball barrelled into Phoenix's stomach.

Phoenix's mind had yet to register what had transpired before the boy found himself flat on his back staring starry-eyed up at the master piece of a ceiling, a painful groan issuing from his dazed lips.

"Wow," a boy's voice whispered in awe. "Red eyes. That's so amazing…"

The said red eyes slowly and wearily focused on large innocent green ones no more than a few inches above him, staring with deep fascination. Several seconds passed by as both boys simply examined one another's vividly coloured eyes, one lying on top of the other. Then realisation seeped into the emerald coloured ones, and the boy sat back on Phoenix's long legs with a grin.

"You must be our last room mate!" the wild chestnut haired boy exclaimed, the grin widening. "I'm Chimaera Terra, by the way. Chima for short." The smaller boy grabbed Phoenix's larger hand and shook it with a bone-crushing handshake.

"Yeah, I am. Call me Phoenix. Phoenix Incendium," Phoenix returned with a somewhat forced grin, withdrawing his throbbing hand gingerly and eyeing the surprisingly strong boy sitting on his legs.

Chima radiated 'Little Brother', and gave off an air of purity and innocence mixed with playful mischief. His large eyes and cupid's lips made him seem even younger, and he was undoubtedly already two or three years below Phoenix. Maybe it was simply how adorable and cute Chima was, straddling his legs without a care in the world, or because he was so open and friendly, but Phoenix found his distrusting heart warming to the kid, despite having just been knocked down and hand crushed by him.

"Chima. Comfortable there on his legs?"

Phoenix watched as the boy turned his head to face the tall figure leaning in the doorway, and let out a delighted pearl of laughter. "Actually, he's a bit bony," Chima admitted jokingly before pushing himself up and pulling Phoenix to his feet at the same time.

A small smile appeared on the tall boy's pale face, made more apparent by the striking contrast with his ebony hair and brilliant dark blue eyes. "My name is Draco Lympha. It's a pleasure to meet you…?" he trailed off, offering his hand for Phoenix to shake.

"Phoenix Incendium," Phoenix supplied, returning the smile, taking Draco's hand in a firm but gentle handshake. His boy was definitely older than himself, Phoenix decided, if only by a year or so. Even so, there was an air of maturity and calmness around him that certainly made him seem much older than he was in reality. Phoenix shrugged inwardly. Whatever the case, he was a likable character.

"Your name suits you," the older boy commented, referring to Phoenix's aesthetic attributes and giving another small smile, bringing Phoenix out of his musings. "Chima and I were just going to head down to the Metamorphosis training halls. Did you want to put your bag down and come with us?" Draco asked, gesturing to the room beyond the threshold that Phoenix had yet to cross.

Phoenix blinked. Being treated so civilly was something he certainly wasn't accustomed to. It was also surprising how openly friendly and accepting both these boys were. He couldn't really remember a time before today when he was actually treated with something that resembled kindness. It made him suspicious, as any hint of happiness always did. Too many rejections and disappointments in one's life would make anyone feel the same way. Still, the fiery boy couldn't subdue the excitement burning in his soul.

"Love to," he answered Draco with a casual grin, stepping past him to deposit his bag in his new home.

The bag promptly dropped from Phoenix's shoulder, landing with a muffled thud on the polished stone floor. "Shit," was all Phoenix's slack mouth could form in terms of words as his wide red eyes struggled to take in the shear luxury that assaulted him.

"Shit!" he repeated, walking forward to lay his hands down on the beautifully carved table centred in the room. "You're fucking telling me this is ours?! Man, I can't believe it… This is like some five star hotel suite in one of those block buster movies!" Phoenix said in awe, eyes roaming around the semi-circular room with its tall arched windows letting warm sunshine pour through onto the cold smooth stone floor.

"Pretty amazing, huh? You should try out the beds! They're great for jumping on!" Chima exclaimed, promptly running up to his four-poster bed against the far wall and bouncing on it, only to hit his head on the rich purple velvet canopy overhead and landing spread eagle on his back. "Except for that…" he muttered with a scowl.

"Damn… This is nothing like my old place…" Phoenix whispered, leaving the darkly lacquered table with its four matching chairs to walk to the last vacant bed, trembling fingertips brushing against the smooth silk sheets. He turned round and round, letting himself fall back onto his bed. "This has gotta be a dream…"

"A dream, at least, would be silent." It was an icy voice that cut through the previously comfortable silence. Despite being devoid of emotion, the voice was tinged with annoyance and impatience.

Phoenix let his head fall in the direction of the voice, noticing for the first time the fourth person in their dorm room. He felt a spark of anger ignite at the spoken words. Just when he was feeling a little more relaxed and for the first time in years in the company of friends, some idiot had to ruin it.

Sitting at the desk on the far side of the bed next to his with his back facing the rest of the room, was a slender figure with a tanned complexion. A long silver braid hung down his narrow back, coiling up on the floor like a silky snake. The person's fringe shielded their face from Phoenix's view, but the figure looked very much feminine.

"Yeah, well, if you wanted a bit of quiet, you didn't have to be rude about it," Phoenix growled, pushing him off the bed and glaring at the back of the figure. "And what is a girl doing in our dorm room anyway?" he demanded, crossing his arms against his chest like a sulking child.

Those last few words had a profound effect on the whole dorm room. An eerie silence fell, so thick it was almost tangible. Chima, who was obviously a boy who liked to talk and be in the midst of all happenings was mute, and Draco, still standing by the door was conveniently looking with great fascination at the ceiling of the corridor just outside.

"I am not a girl…" So low and dangerous was the voice that it was barely audible. The figure stood slowly, leaving the glowing screen of the laptop that had previously captured his full attention. The feminine boy turned, letting the full force of his cold silver glare meet Phoenix's burning eyes. With neither submitting to the other's drilling gaze, the boy walked up to Phoenix until only a few feet separated the two.

It was easy to understand how anybody could mistake this youth for being a girl. High cheekbones, full yet pale lips, and long ashen eye lashes that any of female of species would surely kill for.

Phoenix smirked. "You sure look and throw fits like one."

The right fist came up so fast that Phoenix almost didn't see it, and it grazed his right cheek even as he automatically dodged it.

"Heh, alright," Phoenix spat with a devilish grin. "You wanna fight? I'll fight ya." The boy promptly took up an offensive stance, bringing his fists to bear.

The cold grey eyes simply glared. The red ones glared back.

"As if I would waste time fighting a lowly street rat," the icy boy told Phoenix in a flat voice. "That was simply for calling me a girl."

"Ha, you're just afraid…"


A trickle of warm blood made its way down Phoenix's grazed check, a thin red diagonal line now appearing on his once flawless face. A quick darting gaze to the boy's right hand revealed there were no rings adorning those fingers. So how…?

"Eh, Phoenix, come on," Chima urged, grabbing hold of the older boy's second-hand shirt and pulling.

"Smart ass!" Phoenix threw at the cold boy standing before him before allowing himself to be dragged from the room. Damn he hated it when someone bested him at anything…

The fast beginnings of a lasting grudge formed as Phoenix bitterly wiped the trace of blood from his cheek with the back of his hand. He would get that ice demon if it was the last thing he bloody did on this damned planet.

. . . . . .