The All Stars vs. The Coach

[MeatLoaf's Note: This is a play that me and my neighbors made up one afternoon. It is about a group of cheerleaders called the All Stars.]


MeatLoaf: Cheerleader with the green karate headband
Sarah: Sarah the cheerleader
Karen: Karen the cheerleader
Rachel: Rachel the cheerleader
Jessica: The Coach

* The cheerleaders come out. They stand in a line with MeatLoaf at the far left, then Karen, then Rachel and then Sarah on the far right *

Coach: Hi Everybody!
Cheerleaders: Hi Coach!
Coach: Ok, lets start off with some team spirit!
Everyone: Go All Stars!
Coach: Now lets start out with a warm up. How about "Go fight win"?
Sarah: Ok.
Rachel: Ok.
Karen: Ok.
MeatLoaf: Ok.
All the cheerleaders: Ok! Go fight win! Go fight win!
* The coach falls down *
Coach: Ow! My foot!
All the cheerleaders: Oops, she hurt her foot!
Coach: Down cheer, help me up!
* All the cheerleaders lead the Coach off screen. The Coach ties a jump rope around her leg and pretends it's a cast*
Karen: Oh my gosh, we forgot the stretches!
* All the cheerleaders get in a circle and so the stretches. They start talking about the Coach *
Rachel: The next day: The day before the football game.
* All the cheerleaders get in a line *
Coach(Angry): Do your stretches while I go get a drink of water?
* Coach gets a drink of water while the cheerleaders do their stretches *
Coach: Now get in a line!
* The cheerleaders get in a line *
Coach: Now we have to do a warm up, lets do that stupid "go fight win" thing or whatever *
Everyone: Go fight win! Go fight win!
Coach: No smiling!
Everyone: Go fight win! Go fight win!
Coach: I thought I said no smiling! And you, (points to the cheerleader with a green headband) What's with that headband?
Green Headband cheerleader: It's part of my karate practice.
Coach: Don't talk back to me! Do 5 pushups! Now!
* Green Band Cheerleader does 5 wimpy pushups *
Coach: Get up you wimp!
* Green Band Cheerleader gets up *
Coach: Now it's time to go home!
The Next Day: The day of the Football Game
Coach: Hello Everybody!
All the cheerleaders: Hello Coach.
Coach: I'm sorry about the way I acted yesterday. It was an evil cast! Hahahaha!
Cheerleaders: Uh...hahaha...
Sarah(to the rest of the cheerleaders): That was supposed to be a joke! Start laughing!
Cheerleaders: Oh! Hahahahahahaha!
Coach: Now let's go to the game!
*The cheerleaders go to the football game *
Cheerleaders: Go fight win! Go fight win!
*After the game *
Cheerleaders: We won! We won! We're #1 we won! We won! We one! We really really won!

The End