Dr. X

By: Candie K.

Author Note: I wrote this for a science project, don't ask just read.

"Hurry Eve," yelled Marcy. "We are going to be late for the Science." It was a sunny day at Oakland Middle School. Eve and Marcy's science teacher have gotten the famous scientist Dr. Marks to come to their class and talk about gravity since that's what they have been studying. And she the scientist did her research on.

The two girls made their way to the class right before the bell ranged. The science teacher was not there. And so wasn't Dr. Marks. Instead there was a bald headed man at the front of the classroom.

"Who are you? And where is our teacher and Dr. Marks" asked Marcy as she got to her desk which is next to Eve.

"My name is Dr. X and your teacher is out . And Dr. Marks had to go some where at the last minute so I am filling in for her." Dr. X answered Marcy's question. "Let's begin.

After listening to Dr. X for the last past hour about gravity the bell rang and all the students went out to go to lunch. While Eve and Marcy pasted the closet they heard a noise from inside it.

"What was that?" asked Eve to Marcy.

"That was nothing." answered Dr. X before Marcy could say a word.

When the girls were finally outside Marcy said "There is something wrong here."

"I know, but what?" Eve questioned. But before anyone could say anything the got to the door of the lunchroom but before they opened the door they looked through the window. All of their peers were floating to the top of the lunchroom.

"Here is your answer" Marcy said.

Eve noticed Dr. X walk outside with a devilish smile on his face. "It's Dr. X!" she said in shock.

"Let's go to the classroom to see if we can stop this." Marcy suggested.

In a little while they were back in the classroom. Both girls were thankful that Dr. X was not there.

"The closet, remember the noise." said Eve. They quickly open the door to find that Dr. Marks and their science teacher tied up.

"What happen?" Marcy asked after they untied them.

Dr. Marks then told them this experiment that she had been working on. It was an anti-gravity liquid that made whatever room it was put in it would make it have no gravity. She also said that Dr. X had been her helper, but he stole her idea, and was planning on testing it on this school. She decided to come to this school just as a visitor to lecture so not to get anyone freighted. But she had not been so lucky he had found out that she was coming on and tied her and their science teacher as soon as he could.

The girls told her about what had happen in the lunchroom.

"Alright, I also discovered how to make everything as it was." Dr. Marks told them.

She gave each girl a green bottle and told the girls to spray this in the lunchroom. They did as they were told. Soon after the lunchroom and school was back to normal. Even though most of the kids enjoyed having no gravity.

Eve and Marcy went outside where Dr. Marks is. She said "Thank you. I have decided that gravity is nothing to be played with, so I destroyed all of my experiment. Now everything is back to the way it should be."

"But what about Dr. X?" Eve asked.