Monday morning had come quickly. The sun shined brightly through Eric's open window. When the clock on his nightstand reached ten after seven, the alarm went off. Eric suddenly sat up when hearing the noise. He was somewhat groggy as he turned and placed his feet on the ground. Scratching the back of his head, he turned to his right and looked at this gray alarm clock which blinked 7:10am in rhythm with the alarm. Eric rubbed his eyes and then let out a yawn that could have cracked the windows. Why am I feeling so groggy? He thought to himself.

He instinctively reached for the remote control as he always did when he awoke on Saturday mornings. He pressed the power button and repositioned himself as the TV came to life. As the sound came in, he heard the local weatherman say, "It's a beautiful Monday morning. We're looking at a Low of 53 degrees, a High of 76 degrees, and partly cloudy skies with lots of sun."

"What the...Monday?" The teenager mumbled as he punched the display button and watched the TVs information appear on screen.

"No fucking way." He said jumping up to look out his bedroom window to the street below. Out of his window, he could see down on the street in front of the house next to his where he saw the evidence he was looking for. The sidewalk in front of his neighbor's house, Mrs. Thomas, had always been the elementary kids bus stop. Even when he went to elementary school this was his stop and , like any other school day, the children on his street were jumping around waiting for their ride to make its approach.

Eric could not believe what he was seeing, but the evidence was there. Somehow, he had slept through the entire weekend. This is insane! How in the hell could I have slept through the entire weekend! The thoughts raced through his mind as he sat back down on his bed.

**I sense your troubled thoughts young one. You've lost almost three days of time. Allow me to explain.** A synthesized, but surprisingly human voice said to him from his nightstand.

"What the fuck!" Eric yelled rolling over to the other side of the bed and falling to the floor. Cautiously he looked over the full size mattress and scanned the room to see who spoke to him.

**Do not be afraid Eric Mitchell. I am here to help you with your transition.** The "watch" floated up from its place and drifted over to him. Eric's jaw dropped at the sight and only extended further when his watch morphed into a new form. Now it looked like a silver bracelet with a rectangular LCD screen that curved over the top.

"Tr-transition? What transition?" Eric mumbled backing up from the floating object until he was up against the wall.

"The transition into a Redeemer. A person chosen to become a protector of their planet and space sector. You Eric have been chosen and I am your Multi-Tool to help and guide you on your way."

Before he could protest, the device attached itself to his right wrist and he struggled to get it off, but to no avail. The Multi-Tool then began to sync with the nanomachines already in his bloodstream. This began to calm him down enough so that he closed his eyes. Once he closed his eyes, Eric found himself in a totally white room, but he was not alone. His friend Ron was now there with him and he figured that he was dreaming.

"This has to be a dream." Eric muttered to himself.

**No. It is not a dream. We are in the recesses of your mind young Eric. I brought you here for a more comfortable transition.** The Ron imposter said to him as he walked closer.

"What's going on? Your not Ron are you?" He asked.

**No. As I said before, I am your Multi-Tool and I am here to help you. I took on this form to make it easier for you.**

"Easier for me? This is crazy! No, I must be crazy! I must have lost it or something!" Eric started to babble and shaking his head.

**No you haven't. Let me explain. Three days ago, I came to this system to find a viable subject to be inducted into The Redeemers. The Redeemers are a galactic peacekeeping force comprised of many worlds. They were started by the Chymera Collective, a group of sentient worlds. Sometimes the Redeemers are of a race that has not been inducted into the collective. In that case, the Redeemer must keep his activities and identity a secret. Such is your case.**

"So your saying I'm some protector of the Earth." He asked being a little more at ease.

**Not only Earth, but an entire sector of space encompassing a quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy.** Fake Ron continued.


**I won't say it will be easy, but one of your powers will let you transverse great distances. With a little practice of course.** Ron said to him then created a chair for him to sit in and a couch for Eric to sit on. Eric cautiously sat down and noted it was pretty comfortable.

"Powers. What kind of powers?" Eric was now curious. He had been collecting comics since he could read and had always fantasized about being a superhero.

**Let's see...firstly the nanomachines that I injected into your body has done a tremendous upgrade to your DNA. You are now the most physically and genetically fit human on this planet. This upgrade effects each Redeemer differently, so your real powers are yet to be determined. This is what happens when you infuse alien DNA to a humanoid physiology.** Ron answered with a smile.

"Alien DNA?" Eric stumbled around the words.

**Of course. The only some races have powers already. So the use of select alien DNA is used to augment the rest. I see the look of realization on your face and you are correct. You are no longer entirely human.**