the tender way they look at each other,
the way he holds her near,
it's evident he loves no one else,
he wipes away her every tear.
he is loyal, devoted,
he loves her with all his heart,
it was love at first sight, he loved her from the start.
two hearts, two souls,
they are binding together,
will he ever love another?
I woke up, slowly, sighing,
And for a second i forgot
But then it hit me in the stomach
The way lightning strikes a tree
And all the old emotions
Came flooding back to me
Weighing down my body
Till i could barely move.
He's gone, and i can't follow,
Yet i'll follows all the same.
Stuck on the path of self-destruction
i haven't got the energy
To break free from the past,
Inertia pulls me forward,
Headlong down the dead-end path
i've got nowhere to go
And am going nowhere fast.
So i wake up, slowly, praying
That this will finally be the day
That i can overcome
The weight of grief upon me
And so stop this endless flight
Down the path towards nothing
And start heading for the light.
The taste of your kisses
Is as ashes in my mouth
As I move beyond self-pity
And overcome self-doubt
Your glittering promises
Of world enough and time
Have somehow become tarnished,
Adorned with filth and grime
So I am not the only one
To whom your lies you've told
But I am the most foolish one,
Believing in fool's gold.
The kisses turned to tears
On cheeks as pale as stars
Sweet touches and caresses, torture
In the prison of your arms
So I am not the only one
To whom you've told your lies
But I am the most foolish one
The one with blinded eyes.
Hold me softly in your arms I've been alone, and I'm scared
Hold me softly, but firmly
Convince me you'll never let go
Look at me and kiss me tenderly
Pay no mind to my tears that fall
Look at me, but look away quickly
Before the intimacy frightens me off.
Trace my cheek with gentle fingers
Smile at me so I know you're there
Trace my cheek, but don't linger
I don't want to fall into routine
Watch the stars with me by your side
It's okay for you to hold my hand
Watch the stars, make a wish for me
Wish bravery back into my heart
Kiss all my memories away
Take away all the pain I've felt
Kiss all my memories away, but
Stop before I've forgotten you
I thought my past made me strong
But in your arms, I realize I'm weak
I'd sacrifice all that I'd had before
To be more sure of what I'm feeling
I'd sacrifice all I had before for you.