I'm Already Inside Of You

Unforgiven pleasure bursting through the composture of human flesh
Rivers of blood flood the inner spaces and corners of the mind
Feeding on the weak, breaking the flesh into pieces and swallowing the blood like wine
Spilled brains adorn the dry trees like pink Jell-o
You can even smell death while you sleep in your bed, dreaming nightmares which will never end
Perverted demons rape the minds of young people, bursting inside of them the seed of destruction
The mahogany blood babtizes new borns to be the new bringers of a new bloody war

I can see the light of the fallen angel that I cried for when I was dying... But, he's been
mutilated by the devils of depression...

Perfection of a device for suffering and sudden death
Cringing the claws together to destroy
Mahogany tears bleed from the eyes of the innocent
Crystaline nerves wave in grainy sand
Still waiting for a worthy God to scream racial slurs at

Third eyes and fins grow on newborn mutant children

Stranger lurking in the night
Burning sensation purifying those crimsom looking eyes
Complete this Bittersweet Romance, destroy those scars in between your lips
Wanting to fly away but all you do is wait and bleed
Trying to get closer to your God, when you're just being thrown out of balance


Still pleading to your true blue prince to rescue his beautiful dead princess from the carnage
that awaits
Corruption getting injected in doses
Like a total freak addiction
Hiding that sorrowful face behind the flesh and bone mask
Trying to hide it, without knowing slowly