Original Sin

Original Sin

It's in the Friday nights they hide

It's on roaring raging beasts they ride

What is it they do on their "dates"?

They learn how to love as they teach how to hate

I'm sorry, what is it on them you are trying to pin?

When it all comes back to you and your Original Sin?

They seize joy in a dark bathroom stall

Lurking in their Utopian Mall

But how is it this your judgement call

Can't they learn to fly as they fall

Can't they give happiness their own little spin?

Can't they frolic in your Original Sin?

Here they are, Generation X

Always thinking they know what comes next

Armies in the Suburbanite Wars

Making battlefields of your average corner

"Take this and eat" the Lord hath sayth

And you expect them now to give you their faith

When you come to aid them in their plight

What makes their happiness wrong and yours oh so right?

Each believes enough to serve a need

Each uses a different code and creed

But they will still crawl under you skin

As they live with your Original Sin

Night Sauna

When we light a fire

Beneath our imagination pyre

Will it make steam?

Or produce a dream,

With consequences much more dire?