you were blinded with lonliness- his evil you couldn't see
hidden away in his facade of lies- his cruel intentions will always be
take it from me- i was a part of his past
but now i'm all grown up and don't dwell on the fact that our love didn't last
i never thought i'd have to see him again
but now it's different- he's in love with my best friend
he seems so sweet and easy to talk to
trust me i know, he's only after you because him & me are thru
he was my first true love, yes im speaking of scott
im reluctant to talk about it because our past hurt me alot
now he acts like we never went out
he would deny it without a doubt
we fucked around and that was that
little did i know soon he'd never be calling back
so please little princess- dont be attracted to his falsehood
listen to me and do as you should
tell him straight that your not to be played
and he won't break another heart, nor will you feel as did i: completly betrayed