I can rip apart best friends for no reason.
I can cause wars among worlds.
Can you guess who I am?
I have no qualms about who I attack.
I thrive on causing pain.
Now can you guess who I am?
I am jealousy,the green-eyed monster.
If you have something I want
I am vicious in my quest to take it.
Can you cope with me and what I do?
I will cause families to split apart.
I want what everyone else has.
Happiness can not exist around me.
I am selfish and cause only pain.
If you want to be happy
Don't let me hang around.
Be happy for others,
And if you feel me pull on the strings of your Mind force me away.
I can't stand to see others happy.
I am one of the most powerful forces you'll Ever have to fight.
Please let the fight be with me,
And not your friends
I'm not worth it.
Do you understand?