The Cry of the Elves

The Cry of the Elves

Long ago, in a forgotten time, humans populated the earth. However, alongside the humans, lived the elves, but not just the elves. There were fairies, unicorns, dragons, sulkies, centaurs, orcs, and rocs. These mythical beasts lived with the humans and aided them in society. Together, they created a great civilization of marble columns and alabaster floors. Art flourished and humans set their friends in stone so their images could live on into eternity.

But with time, the other creatures receded living amongst themselves, withdrawing from the great society of the humans. The humans were restless and began to fight amongst themselves. The dark forces grew stronger and hatred and war gripped man in its glove of iron.

However, the elves remained and spoke with the humans regularly bringing method to the madness, order to the chaos. The elves were the humans' companions. In the autumn, they painted the trees with every color of the spectrum, and in the winter, they brought beautiful white snow to grace the earth and keep the ever-growing insect population in check.

The forces of darkness continued their reign of terror despite the elves presence and soon, the humans lost touch with even the elves. All the mystical creatures descended into myth and legend as the humans lost the ability to see them. The elves dried out. Without the humans, the elves would fall to the darkness as well. The two species were bonded, but now, they were apart. Everywhere the humans went, they were followed by elves doing everything in their power to attract the attention of their people, but their hopes were quashed, and the elves began to die out.

The elves still exist, the ones that have lived on call to us constantly, if we could only hear their voices. But one day, a boy heard an elf, he whipped himself around perceived the miniscule man as if it were as normal sliced bread. He bonded with the elves and the elves brought meaning to his life. They were his escape from the reality that tormented him. The showed him a world that before he had only dreamed of. Together, they saw far away lands and the ancient animals. But no one else could see them, and almost no one noticed the boy, but he no longer cared because he had the elves. The let him get away and that's all that mattered to him…