Somewhere Else…

Somewhere Else…

In the very beginning, there was nothing. Darkness reigned over an infinite plain of void. Then, suddenly, for reasons beyond the understanding of any modern being, a small glimmer of light emerged. It grew larger, and as it grew, it took on the shape of a sphere. And the sphere was…

The sphere sat idly for a time, but soon it became discordant and began to vibrate. The vibrations turned to shakes, and the shakes to violent tremors as the sphere broke into two halves like a brown chicken's egg. The two halves shimmered out of being and in their place two babies were born into the world. They were not perfect, but together they were complete.

First, there was Idos of the white locks, and second was Refulci with the long hair of darkness. The brothers joined hands and from the union, a great light pulsed out over the universe creating the stars and planets.

The two boys played among the stars and grew up in the infinity of space. The world was their playground and if something was not to their liking, then it had a tendency of changing.

After the duo had matured and entered adolescence, they began to grow apart, but as they were the only two living things in the galaxy, they turned again to their mysterious powers of creation. Idos took the light of the sun and shaped it in his hands, and with its purity, the light grew and contorted. It took on a shape similar to that of the brothers. Then it split, becoming four entities, Mayim, Ruwach, Aysh, and Eretz.

Mayim was short and slender and his deep blue hair cascaded over his feminine shoulders. His face was small and his features soft. Ruwach wore robes the color of the sky and his thin, light colored hair seemed to extend out into space in every direction leaving an ambiguity of where the follicles ended and the darkness around him began. In contrast, the bulky Eretz had very short dark brown hair and blunt facial features. His skin was rough, and his muscles large and well defined. His jaw jutted from his face as a crag from a mountain. The final of this heavenly host was Aysh, whose fiery eyes blazed with conviction. His movements were calculated and full of purpose. His temper was hot and so were his passions. All four of these ethereal beasts were ensconced in great wings of white as vivid as shined ivory, and as the four first took flight in space and opened their minds to their new world, their essences flew out and melded together with a great amalgamation of holy power.

The culmination of these great creatures caused a reaction in space and a new planet was formed, but unlike the massive bulks of lifeless mass that had populated the realm up and to this point, this planet was lush sharing all of the qualities of the messengers of Idos. Aysh's temper formed a volcanic core to uphold the outer layers of the world. Eretz covered the unstable core with his ever-steady will of rock and soil. Mayim's tears flowed out onto the planet and made oceans, rivers, and lakes. And finally, the breathe of Ruwach's gentle sigh filled the earth with air and wind.

When Refulci saw this, he was displeased and sent his new messengers to pervert the soil of the planet and add their essences to this new world. And so he dispatched Thanatos, Leemos, Polemos, and Loyomos onto the unsuspecting world. These four had not been made of light, but rather the dark mud and lifeless rock. The messengers of Refulci brought on the autumn and winter creating the cycle of seasons, where there had only been a perfect, warm summer before.

Refulci, who had grown to be the more sly of the pair, was decidedly dissatisfied by his new underlings. He took more of the mud he had used to create his horsemen and formed vermin, reptiles, and gargoyles, and sent them out over the world to do his bidding. Idos saw all of this, but was silent…

On the next day, Refulci approached his brother, "At our very whim, the stars would fall from the sky leaving us in darkness like that which we were born into. Idos, surely we are gods, and this world only exists for our amusement."

Idos was silent. "Then, brother, let us perform a divine test and create another unlike the beasts of the land but not as high as our messengers, the angels. We will create men and spend countless hours watching them live out their menial lives."

Idos was silent, but he took from his pocket a single seedpod, and Refulci took out an identical one. Together, they descended onto the earth and took up residence on the top of the highest mountain. They furnished it in marble and pewter. In the center of this heavan, they planted the two seeds, and the angel of water, Mayim, nurtured the saplings until they were full-grown.

The trees grew quickly, their branches reaching up toward the light of the heavens. As time passed, the trees reached their peak height and began to bloom, leaves and flowers of every color. And when the appointed time came at last, Ruwach sent a breeze out from his light blue robe to ruffle the plants, knocking loose a single flower and a single leaf, which fell far from the mountain.

The leaf and flower were taken by the wind and swept over the earth, taking in all of the terrain and all of the distinct features of the planet. They finally came to rest between two great rivers, which moistened the earth between them and made the land fertile, and where they came to rest, man and woman came to be with all the wisdom and all the shortcomings of the "gods" which created them.

The two people wandered the earth, but found no meaning. Sensing this, Idos came down from his vantage point in the mountains and appeared before the man and the woman, he knelt down and whispered in their ear, and as they heard the sound of his voice, their faces lit up with understanding. Idos drew back as the two embraced each other, communicating for the first time. They called each other Otoko and Josei and together they spread their life across the world and their descendants were as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashor.

Idos spoke, "I have spoken and truly set in motion this divine test of my brother by giving the humans the power of words, but I fear that the next time I speak it will be to denounce a wicked world and petition for its destruction." And with that, Idos receded back into the silence he was to which he was accustomed…

Index of Characters and Their Names' Meanings:

Scrambled names:

Idos- Dios, Spanish for God

Refulci- Lucifer, another name for Satan

Hebrew names:

Mayim- water

Ruwach- wind

Aysh -fire

Eretz- earth

Greek names:

Thanatos- death

Leemos- famine

Polemos- warfare

Loymos- plague, pestilence

Japanese names:

Otoko- man

Josei- woman


"…as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashor." Genesis 22:17, Holy Bible