Friends at heart

Friends at heart

I'm sorry I make you cry,

I know how it feels.

It really hurts when someone hurts me,

I don't know why I do it to you.

I hate it when we fight,

It tears me up inside too.

Have you ever heard

People will push you away

When they need you most?

I don't know why I need you,

I have plenty of other friends.

Ones that are there for me

Any day of the week.

But I still count you as a friend,

Because you're loyal, caring and true.

I hardly find that anymore.

People usually place themselves

Before others; you don't.

Some of my friends place guys before

Their best; you don't.

I know I'm not your best friend,

But you come very close to mine.

As we grow apart every day

I miss you more and more.

One day we will head in our own direction,

It may be sooner than we think.

But until then,

I want you as a friend.

We have to remember,

Words are just words.

They are said in a second,

Later we can apologize.

But friendships like ours,

May come only once.

And if the words 'I'm sorry' never come,

Then I guess we will just have to remember

We will always be friends at heart.


Don't review this if your going to flame. This poem was really only meant to bring a message to my friend Janelle and me. It's not one of those things I just make up to gain higher self-esteem. This came from the heart.