11th September 2001 - The Girl Who Didn't Care

11th September 2001 - The Girl Who Didn't Care

She sat alone in her room, listening to music and throwing her spare time away to her computer. It was what she enjoyed doing, so why should she change? Staring at the computer screen, she reread the email message.

"I'm really shocked. I just saw on the news reports about the terrorist planes crashing into the World Trade Center. I can't believe it! All those people!"

The girl read the message one more time, but still couldn't see what the significance was. She felt she had missed something, but wasn't quite sure what. What was the 'World Trade Center' anyway? It was obviously something in America by the spelling.

She skimmed onto the next message from the mailing list. She liked the mailing list she was on. There were so many different people and the debates they carried out were fun to read. Plus she could sign in to her email account and receive over fifty messages a day. It was an occurrence that would never happen for any other reason. Although none of the emails were ever directed at her (how could they be if she never posted anything herself, never to let herself be known?), she could still feel there were those out there that cared enough to send something to her.

The next message said something similar. And the next. And the next.

Yet the girl's face remained impartial to the words that scrolled across the screen. Just as soon as she had scanned the text for interest, she pressed the delete button without a single emotion to hold her back.

From what she read, she just couldn't see what the big fuss was about. So a plane controlled by terrorists had crashed into some famous building, destroying it. So what? So thousands of people were missing, all of them presumed dead. Why did that matter? It wasn't like people didn't die every day. A few more wouldn't hurt. The Earth was so over-populated already knocking off some of the people could only be more helpful in the long-term.

Yet one message contained a word that stood out from the rest, deserving the message a few more extra moments of life. That one word finally sent an emotion through the girl's mind.

She smiled.

"War!" she mumbled to herself, her eyes lighting up and the grin spread wider across her face. "There might be a war!" She pressed delete, moving on to the next message, trying to hold on to that exciting rush that flowed through her.

Why was everyone so scared? If the war in the future really was going to be so terrible and the entire planet would be wiped out in one blast, then everyone would die at the same time, and so no one would be left to care. They should all stop worrying and enjoy life a bit more while they still had some left.

Plus war would brighten up her life, her world, and the sky. Fireworks would fly across the heavens and the memory of it would last for years (if there was anyone to remember it). Something interesting might happen and she would be there to see it and enjoy it. Sure, many people would lose their lives, but in the end doesn't everybody. It was just a matter of when and how. What she would give to join that army that would attempt to destroy the enemy, and most likely get destroyed in the process. What fun that would be!

Yes, if there was another war, a large amount of the population would die, but that didn't matter to her. No one else cared about her anyway, so she saw no reason to care for them. Wasn't she followed some sort of moral: Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. She knew no other way to be, so she treated everyone she met with the same cold, chill spite that they expressed when meeting her.

Not that that often happened. She didn't care about anyone, or anything, outside of her own little world, so she saw no reason to leave it and visit the real world that surrounded her. There were no friends, no expectations and no duties she had to fulfil in her life. It was all hers to control in whatever way she wished.

Nothing else seemed interesting enough to live on in her mailbox, the only place that gave her news from the outside world. There were more interesting things in films, games or even in her own imagination. They were the only things that stimulated her mind enough to produce an emotional response. She only ever laughed at films. She only ever enjoyed herself when she was playing her games. The only times tears would role down her cheeks was when she woke up from a wonderful dream and realised nothing like that would ever happen to her in real life.

She still had all evening to waste. There was nothing else for her to do. She reached for one of her strategic war games and started to prepare herself for the hopefully real upcoming war.

The girl continued to sit in her dark room, the only light coming from the flickering computer screen. Alone; abandoned by all the people who were afraid of the feelings she embodied because they could exist within them - the girl who didn't care.

I know that was a rather depressing view of humanity, but what is to be expected with a subject like that. I'm prepared for flames, so send all that you like!

This was an English assignment. She basically told us we could write anything, persuasive, imaginative, discursive, etc, with the title 11th September 2001. This is what I came up with.

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