I Told You So

You didn't say a word to me
But somehow, I think I knew
That within, a seed was growing
To become my love for you

You know, I went to heaven
For every smile you flashed at me
But in seconds, I'd crash again
So I set my emotions free

Yet you laughed at this hidden joke
And those eyes widened, "That was true?"
With a faraway look, you could only say,
"I can never love you."

Those words stung like punches
But I took them, right on the chin
And to myself, I swore
That this battle, I would win

And so, I've come this far
As a friend, I'd earn my keep
I'd laugh at even your corniest jokes
And lend a shoulder when you weep

But when that special one came along
The one that you loved, too
I fell back into that bottomless pit
Yet swore I'd be there for you

I listened to those fears of yours
Told you that you were always right
But somehow, it felt different now
Had I lost this fight?

You only took and took from me
Not even a smile in return
And slowly, I was losing hope
Like a fire that ceased to burn

Times changed, so did friends
Or maybe you just forgot my name
But I vowed to keep moving on
Just a pawn in this cruel game

But trouble came for you
Those new friends shirked away
A demon stole that sparkling smile
And turned your blue skies gray

Though my heart had turned to stone
Pieces began to crack
And I told you to run away
To never once look back

Yet you looked at me and laughed
And said, "I'll stay right here.
Don't tell me what to do, old friend,
I've nothing left to fear."

So you turned your back on me
And I turned mine on you
Alone, I mended my breaking heart
With some tape and superglue

Yet you came back once more
Broken, bruised, and low
It's my turn to laugh, old friend
And say, "I told you so."