I gave him my trust and he turned on me
Leaving me wonder if he's not all he seemed.
The hurt creeps up on me bit by bit,
Grabbing me off-guard like some incurable disease.
He is so weak, you could see it in his eyes
Sense it in his words, feel it in his cries.
He is parachuting without a ripcord
Messing it all up like a broken record.
Now he talks to me and I let him be;
He plays with my heart and I let him win.
On his chessboard where I've been left dangling,
Not even my bishop could save me from losing.
Yet he speaks to me as if he really cares,
Telling me that he would always be there.
He blinds me with his shit and leaves me cold
The day he decided to put our world on hold.
He knows a part of me no one understood,
His intuition and sincerity seemed so absolute.
Now I sit and try to get him out of my mind;
But he's hurt me so much, it even makes me rhyme.
I hate him for what he's done to me
I understand now he's not what he seemed to be.
They say I'm jaded, and I know it's true;
Never again will I be his pathetic fool.
I fly away, but he couldn't fly like me;
He's trapped beneath his own sob story.