Your alone, frightened and hungry. You wake up in the middle of the night starring up at the stars.
When you startto cry for your mother you remember that you were sold so she could buy food for your six younger siblings. Although only thirteen, you have lived a life of terror, malnutrition and homelessness.
You are a child in need, something else for people to push aside. You're a poor child who you think no one cares about. Your from Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world.
Do you think the children in Ethiopia can go, sit on the couch with a bag of chips and watch television? Don't think so. Those children are like the ones that you see on the television. There're the ones who need twent-five cents a day to survive.
What if you were one of those kids? HAving to beg for food or even fight with a muddy stinky dog for a peice of meat. What about the living condition? Living in a shack with no roof and having to walk on glass, garbage and animal droppings just to get to the bathroom. That's what those children have to deal with everyday.
I think we should be paying more attention to their needs and not our pleasures. So next time you see a child sitting on the side of the street with their little dirty boney hands stretched out, have a heart and pull out some loose cchange out of your pocket. You can make a difference. You can save a life.
I was never a poor child because my family was fairly rich so I don't know what it's like to be poor but when I'm watching or reading an article about the poor children and adults of the world, I can see on their faces that their not happy. I'm positive that anyone in Ethiopia or any poor country would to be in your shoes right now. I mean you get three meals a day and snacks anytime in-between where as a poor child has maybe one meal a day.
After a child dies, it coats about fifty Canadian dollars for a grave, which most families don't have. So the families who don't have the money are given a shovel and told to dig their own grave back at the dump.
If three children die everyday in poor countries, then that means gthat one thousand and ninety-five children die each year from poverty, malnutrition and disease.
In conclusion I feel that that every child whether disable, healthy, sick rich or poor, needs to see the joys in life. They need three meals a day and a roof over their head but no matter what always remember that YOU can save a life.