Weird Tuesday (16th.) Part II

18-11-99 10:30am

I never knew so much could change,

In the space of just one day.

I found my whole world rearranged,

And it was giving me no say.

Words fell clean from off the pages

Of my very favourite book,

My Kitty took off with all his toys,

Then wrote me where to look.

Everything I thought was black,

Had suddenly turned grey.

And, shades of white? Well, now,

They're blue; the purple drained away.

Straight lines were bent all out of shape;

Circles became squares.

Folks I knew, who once wore smiles,

Now wear angry glares.

Each drop of juice, I thought was sweet,

Went F.U.B.A.R.,

The "Twinkle - twinkle's" clear gone out

Of every single star.

It's been a nightmare Cinderella day,

Can't wait for the rest of the week.

And, who knows, when it's thru' screwing up

My life, I may finally get to speak.