"The Book"

There is a book, a plain old book
Sitting on a shelf
There is a book, forgotten book
Talking to itself
There is a book, a special book
But no one's noticed yet
There is a book, intriguing book
As good as it can get
For in this book, this unknown book
There are adventures to be had
And in this book, the strangest book
There are people, good and bad
Within this book, if you'd just look
You'll find so many things and places
If you'd just look within this book
You'll know many new names and faces
There is a book upon a shelf
Sitting, talking to itself
Repeating events held deep within
Waiting for someone to begin
To lose themselves and turn a page
Become trapped within a cage
Take half an hour, maybe more
And you'll know things never known before
Within this book, most special book
There's always different things in store
An open book, in which one looks
Because they aren't bored anymore.