Clockwork Personal Author's Note: I'm taking time to write this on everything I upload for a while. I was working on a major update of my writting to be posted the 13th of September. It was almost finished when the tragedy occured on the 11th. I was personally shaken by it and wasn't in the mood to write much of anything. Finnaly, after nearly a month I started writting again on the 5th of October. I'm trying to get things together and back to normal. I'm happy to be writting again and I still hope you like it!

Author's Note On Story: This story is kind of morbid, and I'd been reading a lot of Shirley Jackson when I came up with this idea.


Everything gets real still around midnight. The lights go out and no one is really out to watch you play.

At least if you have the playthings I do. It's quite fun to look through all of them each Friday night. I do love it when All Hallow's Eve falls on a Friday, as that's the best night to play with my toys.

Every Friday is new and the games I play change. Playing games over and over get boring - since I am an adult. I'm not a little girl and I don't play jumprope anything.

Come to think of it, I remember one particular Friday night that I shall never forget. That was the night I played a game with clockwork. That night was a cold January day, seven years ago, I believe.

My playmate that night was actually a young child. His parents called him Jeromy, but I just refered to him as I always do as "boy." He was easy to convince to play - He may have been too young to know what I asked when I showed him my toys. He looked through the box with magnificent bright eyes as young children often do.

The one he selected was a light shade of grey, inside a small box. It was a pocket watch, one which didn't tick. When the young lad gave me a saddened look upon finding silence and lack of movement, I responded instantly.

"My toys are not broken, boy. This watch never ticked. That is not what it is for."

The boy appeared confused. I knew his mind was young, so I figured that it would be better understood by showing rather than telling. I hit the glass of the watch with my fist, cracking it down the center.

Then the wind stopped blowing. The birds flying above us paused in the air.

"This toy stops time. The watch is set at 11 o'clock. That means that time will resume in 11 minutes. See?" The boy gave me a questioning look. I understood the confusion he must have felt. After all, no one ever stopped time for him before.

"We can do whatever we want for about 8 minutes. Break things, play with the toys Mommy hides in her highest closet... Then we send about 2 minutes getting out of the way. It cannot be out fault - We were never there. No one was. So truth becomes unthuth when time becomes again and all we do will contain the results without our own guilt of breaking any rules. Now me must hurry, We're already wasted a minute."

The boy wanted to do what any boy would do - We ate chocalate chip cookies Mommy and Daddy said not to eat until after dinner. We dumped the smelly dinner on the floor and laughed at it.

I did not enjoy his way of playing my games. I can only use my toys once. The boy was selfish. Selfish people in this world no not belong, I agreed to let him play with my toy and yet he spent all the time on himself.

After 7 minutes, I decieded it was my turn to play the game my way. There was a knife that Mommy had cut the ham with sitting on the boy's kitchen table. It was nicely sharp - You would ha done the same thing. The boy was so selfish. He would have grown up into someone this world doesn't want to need.

I did nothing wrong. Everything done while time is stopped does not exist. It never happened but the aftershook occurs. So I picked up the knife and took to the little boy and showed him how to play the game my way. When I was done I put the knife in the sink and washed it as well as my hands.

Then I left. Time was almost over and I could not be found in the area or I could be accused of what honestly - I never did.

I recall that night so often - besides that I often take people down on my nights. But that night was so special becuase I stopped the evil before it even formed itself. And yet, I never topped it and it never occured. The police investigation landed an innocent man a hanging - but I learned another night that man had evil within him anyway. He got away with murder 12 years before. So I chose not to save the man. I like to think that I myself am karma.

I take the evil out of this world every friday night by playing with the many thing in my playchest.

Would you like to play with me?