"The Signs of Life"

I watch helplessly as the world commits suicide.
I want to stop it - but I'm as powerless as planet Earth
With no ammunition, or a say in anything.
My heart is bleeding so excruciatingly,
It squeezes blood out in gallons.
My blood drops onto the brown earth
And mixes with it.
I half-expect to see some signs of life...
But nothing happens.
I haven't got a point.

While I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders,
I begin to drown in my own anxiety.
Can you hear the anguished wails of the innocent?
Or has the deafening roar of death immuned you
To humanity?
Mankind. What is it?
What in the world have we denatured into?

In a world where its people are ruled by guns and canons,
Bullets and death,
Deserts without oasis,
Only hate would prevail.
Don't you feel the earth trembling beneath your feet?
Crying out for some
Signs of life
that never really existed.

**In loving memory of the peace that never was, and the peace that never would be. Rest in peace.**