Note: This is the next part of my story, I have to write it in chunks, because I can only upload it in small parts. Sorry. I would love reveiws, so if you read this, please reveiw it! Thanks for reading. BYE! -story starts here-> Tev groaned. Rubbing her eyes, she sat up. "Ouch!" She smashed into the ceiling. Opening her eyes and blinking a few times, Tev noticed that the ceiling rose behind her. Awkwardly scooting backward (she was face up on the hard floor) Tev managed to sit up. She looked to her right and saw Diren, he was still in some glazed sleep. His eyes were wide open. She shook him hard. "Unnnnn." He blinked, closed his eyes and then groaned again. She shook him again. He didn't respond. Frowning, she gave a good shove. He ignored her and attempted to roll over in the small space between him and the sloping ceiling. Tev growled and smacked him upside the head. He grumbled, tried to sit up and- "Oh, man!" He rubbed his head. "Damn!" He, too, scooted back and turned to face Tevanna. "Good morning, Gov'ner! Would you like a combination plate or the continental breakfast?" Tev asked with an overbright smile. "Oh, shut up." Diren moaned. "Where the hell are we?" "Oh, sure, like I would know?" Tev retorted, "Ummmmm, yeah, I brought a GPS and I asked aliens that look like my mom's casserole that sat in the fridge to long where we were. They said they plan to take us on a tour of Jupiter and then drop us off at the bridge station on the moon." She glared at him."We're in a metal cage surrounded by green mist and cement walls. We could be in another solar system for all I know!" "Sheesh! I'm sorry I asked." As he spoke, their surroundings simply dissolved, and they found themselves in a large auditorium. The funny green things were everywhere. Over a hundred, maybe more. Tev muttered some words Diren didn't think any girls knew. A funny hissing and clucking filled the room. The aliens were making the strangest noises she had ever heard. On old 2D "films" aliens screeched or spoke like humans with bad mouth deformities. These giant slimy creatures made a "kssssssssssksssssssssxxxkxsssss" noise. Their square-shaped eyes (only one per creature) were black, but you could tell they were staring at the round door in the corner. Yet another green slimy thing came out of the door and walked, or stomped is more like it, toward her and Diren. It hissed, "We have adopted your language into a few of our Lacers. That is what wessssss are called, ssssssso wessssss want to know aboutsssssss your culturesssssss. We mean yousssssss no harmsssssss." It was rather hard to understand, as 'he' kept hissing in the middle of every word, but Tev got it before Diren. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME AND MY FRIEND?" Tev shouted loudly and slowly, as if she was talking to a deaf person. "WE WANT TO GO HOME! CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE WE ARE?" "Sssssssthere issss no need to yellssssssss." The the Lacer said softly, "Wesssss are in the ssssysssstem of Galamba. You will return home, onccccce our conquesssst of knowledge issss fulfilled." "What do I have to do?" Diren questioned. As if in answer, they were approached by a Lacer called Kreems, supposedly a doctor, and were told to follow ended up in a lab. Thinking that this wasn't going to be so bad, Tev quickly changed her mind when she saw a burned human skeleton with hair attached to it strapped to a board. "I want out of here, NOW!" The doors clicked together and locked behind her.