Clinical Testing Session #34

Clinical Testing Session #34

"I'd like to thank the two of you for volunteering for this thirty-fourth, and final test," said Doctor Chaney, to the two people seated before him.

The three of them were in a barren, starkly gleaming white room that was lit with bright halogen bulbs inset into the ceiling, the only furniture being the two hard plastic chairs that the two volunteers were seated in. Doctor Chaney stood before them, clip board in one hand, two blue capsules in the other.

Stacy Levin and John Elroy were both post grad students of UCLA, both on the Dean's List, and both looking forward to the bonus grades they would receive for volunteering for this medical test. Doctor Chaney was friends with many professors, at many academic institutions, and he often found students willing to volunteer to help test new pharmaceuticals, before seeking final FDA approval.

"What's this drug suppose to do?" asked Stacy, drawing a disapproving glance from John—they had both signed wavers stating that they would not hold Doctor Chaney, their teacher Professor Landis, UCLA, or Bio-med, liable for any…after affects.

"It's a little project that we've been working on for our Armed Forces," answered Doctor Chaney. "To increase a soldier's…passion…for battle. Once the enemy has engage, of course."

"So, it'll increase our thirst for violence?" asked John, deciding it was okay to ask questions since Stacy had already brought it up.

"Hmm, no, not really. It will bring out aggressive tendencies long buried by centuries of domestication."

"Oh, uh, right," said John.

"Now, if you will, please," said Doctor Chaney, holding his hand out, palm up, displaying the two blue pills. "Just keep in mind, only one of these pills is the actual drug. The other is just a placebo."

The two volunteers each picked a pill and gingerly popped them into theirs mouths, washing them down with the tiny paper cup of water that they had each been holding.

"We'll be monitoring you from the other room," said Doctor Chaney, pointing to the thick mirror that covered half of the wall before them.

Nodding politely, Doctor Chaney exited the room, the door closing behind him with a loud clang that echoed through the white room, followed by the clanks of several locks being thrown into place. The two volunteers exchanged quizzical looks, then stared straight ahead, facing the thick two-way mirror of the observation room.

Ten minutes later…

"Are you feeling anything yet?" asked Doctor Chaney's voice, coming into the room over a hidden speaker.

"No," replied John.

"He's lying," snarled Stacy, looking at him with contempt.

"Why do you say that, Stacy?" asked Doctor Chaney.

She looked over at John, setting next to her, waving her nose about, and taking tiny sniffs. "I can smell it. His fear."

John looked at her, his expression confirming what she had stated.

"Is it hot in there?" asked Doctor Chaney, noting that Stacy was covered with a thin sheen of sweat.

"N-no," stammered John, not taking his eyes off of Stacy.

"It feels great," purred Stacy, her voice rippling.

"Very well," said Doctor Chaney. "We shall continue waiting."

Twenty minutes later…

"Are either of you feeling any violent impulses?" asked Doctor Chaney.

"No," answered John. "Just feeling bored."

"I am," said Stacy, lowly, looking at John with slanted, yellowish eyes.

"What are you feeling, Stacy?" asked Doctor Chaney.

"Like I want…" she stood up "…to tear…" and ripped her shirt open, the buttons popping through the air "…his throat out…"

John stared at her exposed breasts, his mouth hanging open in shock at the layer of hair covering her chest.

"…and swallow it whole," she finished, turning her head upwards and letting loose with a chilling howl.

"Jesus Christ," yelled John, tipping over in his chair in his haste to get away from the thing that Stacy was becoming. He crawled backward, whimpering in terror when he hit the wall, shaking his head back and forth.

Stacy's nose and jaw extended with popping, bone-changing sounds, forming a snout filled with adamine teeth, like that of some wolf. Her ears lengthened and became pointy as her head slanted some, adding to the terrible image.

Howling with rage, she dropped down on all fours, her feet and hands snapping into the formation of gigantic paws, all of them tipped with thick claws. John began screaming hysterically as he spotted those claws, realizing that they could easily do what Stacy had just said she felt like doing—ripping this throat out.

Snarling, saliva dripping from her open maw, the wolf-creature that had been Stacy launched herself at the hapless John. There was a sickening crunch as she tore into John's throat, blood spaying into the air as she tipped her head back and gulped down the meaty section she had torn from him.

John's screams gargled out as Stacy continued ripping into him, blood and flesh flying about the room as she did so, wolfing down chunks every few seconds. Bones crunched under her powerful jaws, not impeding her devouring of John in the slightest, becoming just another part of her warm meal.

Within five minutes of her transformation, Stacy had devoured a good part of John, smearing the far wall of the room with blood and bits of flesh, and was now snuggled in one corner, sleeping contently.

Inside the observation room, Doctor Chaney turned to the five military officials that had been watching the test, smiling broadly, proud of his company's achievement.

"Well," said Doctor Chaney, "you've seen it for yourself."

"And all of the tests have had this outcome?" asked the nearest man, General Brightton.

"We've managed a ninety-five percent effective rate."

"Side affects?" asked another man, Colonel 'somebody'.

"A short bout of hair loss in males," said Doctor Chaney. "And an increase in the sex drive of females. Other than that, the subject awakens within ten to twelve hours, with no memory of the incident."

"I don't know," said General Brightton. "It would be far more affective if they didn't fall asleep as soon as they had eaten their fill."

"Wouldn't do a soldier any good if he fell asleep in the middle of an enemy camp, before all of the enemy soldiers were killed," added Colonel 'what's his name'.

"Well, I suppose we could add a good dose of caffeine to it," pondered Doctor Chaney. "Run a few more tests."

"Mix up a batch, then run your tests," ordered General Brightton, heading for the door. "Let us know when you're ready to give us another demonstration."

Doctor Chaney smiled and bowed his head as the military group exited, then made a few notes on his clip board. By his calculations, he was going to need about six to eight more volunteers for testing, and he did not think that his good friend Professor Landis could afford to lose that many students—not in one quarter.

Pulling out his cell phone, Doctor Chaney punched in one of his many speed-dial codes, then waited for the ringing to be answered. A female finally picked up on the other end, her voice sounding old, but far from tired.

"Martha, dear" greeted Doctor Chaney. "So sorry to bother you, but I'm in need of a few volunteers…"