Confessions of a Student - Part 12

Hey, does anyone even read these little notes at the top of this? I've been writing a new one every week, so I was wondering if anyone actually read it. I'm sure most people just skip ahead to the rest of the story anyway, so I'll stop gibbering on now... Just enjoy this week's pissed antics and thanks to all reviewers out there.

Week 12 - 10/12/2001 - Party time!

Well, I managed to get into that party, so that night is a bit of a blur. You know what the stereotypical student party is like? Loud music, wall-to-wall vomiting, lots of pissed people, people making out in every other room? Well, that's what this party was like. Except there were more spirits, and less beer. Needless to say, a lot of people were quite drunk at this party. As they should be.

What is it about these parties that makes about 90% of the University turn up? I swear, there were more people at this party than there ever are at our lectures. And, best of all, I don't think the people throwing the party knew most of them either! We need to have parties like this more often! By the end of the year, we'll all be alcoholics, with huge debts and bad grades. What do you mean, we're like that already? Well, maybe you're right...

There was a small group of people in one corner doing very potent drinks. You know, the stuff you have to set on fire before you drink it so you get even more pissed on the fumes. A lighter, combustable alcohol and pissed people. Does this sound like a good combination? No. The eventual result of this was a certain person who now has the most grotesque scar on his hand, where the flaming drink burned away a painfully deep section of his flesh... Please, ladies and gentlemen - Do NOT try this at home. Wait until you are a student as well.

This was also the wrap week for the SSL, which meant that we had the wrap-up piss-up over the weekend. The girl I was rooting for won, which meant I didn't have to buy that other smug git a drink! Very happy about that. Of course, he wasn't - he had a sour look on his face all night. Maybe I shouldn't have pretended to fall asleep and then 'wake up' before he noticed. ;) Anyway, I needn't have worried about missing out on beer - It turns out we all managed to get quite pissed anyway. And boy, did we get pissed!

Most of us were still feeling the effects of the night before, (See above) so it didn't take much to get us all pissed again. There was much drunken revelry this weekend. I don't remember the rest of the week, but the weekend was extremely fun. There were the usual vomiting people, people making out, etc. By the end of the night there were three people on a table, singing 'Survivor' in very loud, drunken voices. And at least one in three people were seen in devout worship to the porcelain god.

The next morning was even more entertaining. You see, we all stayed round for the night. (ie. Everyone was left where they fell...) Of course, some people had been left in some very compromising positions... I think our eventual winner was eventually found in a bathroom underneath a certain, very shy foreign student. But I have no idea how she wound up that way... No idea at all... ;) Of course, then we had to clear up, after most of the cheeky f* {ers cleared off without helping...

As far as lectures go, this week was a bit of a waste of space. We are only a week from the holidays at the time of writing, so people have got into the 'I can't be bothered going to lectures anymore' frame of mind. (Some of us, of course, have been in this frame of mind for quite some time...) I think a lecture that once had 70 people in now has about 20, if you're lucky. Which, unfortunately, makes it painfully obvious when you don't know what the hell the lecturer is talking about, because you are far more likely to be asked questions.

Normally, I would take the popular option and just not go. Unfortunately, this place has an attendance requirement, as I probably mentioned in earlier chapters, which means that if I miss one more lecture, I fail! And I may be about to fail the assignments anyway, but I would like to hand them in with at least a marginal chance of passing... I'm fairly sure that everyone else in the lectures this week is in the same position, and that next week will be exactly the same.

Well, that's it for another week! I am leaving for the holidays on Sunday, which is a relief. There will be one last entry here, detailing the last week. After that, there will be no more. Mainly because I got caught posting this last week, and I don't want to push my luck...

(Leaving in T-minus 6 days...)