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The Phantom

I sit in the boughs of the conifer tree,

And the stars, they do shine down on me.

In the low, lush valley, a flute does sing.

It's sweet voice does my Phantom bring.

His warm breath does caress my cheek.

There are no words, I dare not speak

For though his arms I can not see,

I feel their their gentle hold on me.

Invisible fingers in my hair.

He is faceless, I do not care.

He surrounds my thoughts, a heavenly glow.

Each part of him, I yearn to know.

I fly, a feather on his breeze,

We dance amongst the moonlit trees.

We dance for hours, seconds, days,

Together in life's eternal maze.

Yet when his cherry lips touch mine,

I know, alas, that it is time.

For the Sun has come and brings the day,

He comes to take my love away.

I slowly rise up from my bed,

Sweet harmonies still fill my head.

I shake a twig out from my hair,

And wonder, "Was he ever there."