A/N: Shakespeare inspired, and it goes without saying really, that I do not own him, nor any of his works, and so, neither Juliet nor Mantua, are mine.The rest is, though it hurts to admit, the rest is my work.

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At First Sight

I knew it was you,

Even from that distance.

You seemed to radiate light,

Or perhaps that was my imagination,

Or the Sun.

Scared. You said,

"You look scared."

"I woud be,"

I thought,

"I've never met an Angel before"

I don't know how I got back, as if my feet had borrowed wings.

Fasinated by the tiniest things.

Oblivious to all beauty, except to compare it with your own.

I mean, was this really the finest ice cream I've ever tasted?

Or was it the sweet vision before me that made it so?

Was the sun really so bright and warm?

Or was I, in my bless├ęd state,

Experiencing the cause, rather than feeling the effect?

What had I done, that was so deserving of such bounty?

Such riches beyond belief.

Was this the final chapter in some Gothic love story?

Or the beginning of a Romantic Saga?

Where would the pages take us?

Would I suceed, where fair Juliet had failed?

The gates of Mantua stand open for us.

Our Eden beckons. I answer willingly.