A/N: Apologies for this one. The only explanation I can give for the absolute absence of form, tempo, metre, etc. is thatit is literally what went through my head at the exact time. Each line lasted for about a second.

Hope you like,



A Townie's First Fox

Spy something in the distance,

With the outer limits of eye.

Crouches in the gutter.

Pause. Blink. Turn. No one.

Look back, still there.

Lifts head. Stares back, eyes fixed.

Inhale. Hold it. One. Two.

Turns away. Starts to cross.

Pace slowly, forward. One. Two.

Pause. Darts a glance, alert.

Ears pricked. Stays. Freezes.

Rapidly appraoching light.

Look out! Look out! Look out!

Sprints, elegant. Sniff at bush.

Vroom! Missed by miles.

Pace forward, softly. One. Two.

Hides in bush. Pause.

Heary beat: rapid, disbelieving.

Shoots back across. Blurs.

More lights. Brush tail

Disappears into woodland.

Wait. Breathe deep.

Pace forward, silently. One. Two.

Three. Pace more.

Stop. Peer into gap in trees.

Reflection? Shrug.

Movement? Shrug.

Imagination? Shrug.





Movement. Goes deeper

Into darkness.

Wait. Inhale, exhale.

Blink. Inhale. Stand.

Walk on.