A/N: This WAS written as a song, but unfortunately, I only do lyrics, being not very good with instruments and music. The music has however been written, but due to, let's just say, circumstances, even I have neverbeen privelegded enough to hear it played. I imagine it would have had an Oasis/Nirvana, but possibly Take That, kind of feel, due to the musical tastes of the guitarist in question.

Sorry. That was a DIG at said guitarist for LOOSING the music, and refusing to rewrite it, and will never happen again.

Honest. *G*



My Angel's Wings


I might

Just call this day

A wasted night.

Draw the curtains

On the rain,

Shut the window.

No more pain.

Close these eyes

Against attack,

Truant trains

That jump the track.

Signal changes,

No more hope.

Hang them all

With powder rope.

Yet as I sleep,

I know I'll cope,

I won't slip far

Upon that slope...

My Angel's Wings

Help pull me through.

Take me higher than

The blue.

He's the reason for all I do

But Angel hasn't got a clue...

Can't you see that you're my Angel?