The Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires of Westminster Part 2

After a rather long episode of explaining the story on how Jordan was a vampire his real name is Spike, they thought it would be good to tell their parents where they were. There was a lot of yelling and fighting over the phone but it settled down. Tony, Katie, Laurel, and Spike took a walk to a good friend's house. Katy Dee. She was a vampire right along with Spike.

She was born on 1860 and she once lived with the great Louis and Lestat. And after that brief fiasco, she moved on to further vampires like the great Armand and she lived with him until she traveled to the new country and for some reason she settled to the great land of Westminster. She knows more about the Vampires than the great Queen of the Damned, who was one of the original vampires. She has gotten around.

We picked her up at her hidden mansion formally known as Point de Lac, or at least it is the same model, seeing how the actual one is in New Orleans. And we traveled back to the city and went towards or favorite hangout, Hoffman's. An ice cream parlor that has every flavor imaginable. The group sat there, talking about the supernatural and things when Laurel broke the conversation up by a feeling that haunted her since they were at Spike's.

Something was watching her, she knew it. "What's the matter?" Asked her boyfriend Spike.

" Nothing really, it's just like something is staring at me in the face." Explained Laurel.

She stood up for the rest of the conversation as the rest of the group sat at the rest area in the parking lot. She glanced in the woods near the back of the parlor and than glared back at the group. She couldn't get the feeling out of her.

For the rest of the day, she sat in her room playing solitaire on her computer and always looked out the window, never really expecting to find anything. The feeling wouldn't stop, until she cracked.

She got up and ran out the door into her backyard." What is it? What is going on?" she screamed. It was really unlike her. She was always one of the smartest people in the group right next to Katie and Katy Dee. She knew that she was just acting incredibly stupid.

She walked back to her dwelling. But as she got towards the steps, something jumped up from behind the holy tree, in front of the house. She didn't realize it at all. The feeling did strengthen on and she stopped on at the first step. She looked behind her only to find the figure starring right back at her. Before she could scream or even mutter a single noise, she was picked up from the legs and throne to her left into the driveway concrete. She was out cold. Before the creature could grab her again, her father came out in complete alarm.

"What the hell is going on out here?" asked Laurel's father.

He ran down the steps only to find a man standing right in front of Laurel. " Your daughter fainted, I'd just thought to help her but I really have got to go!" the mysterious man said as he rapidly ran down the street.

Laurel woke up later in her room and stood up as her father asked he as she was doing. She calmly stated that she had to run to Spike's house and have a chat with the group. She went down and she noticed that she had a scars on her legs and arms that was never there before. She went to Spike's and walked to Tony's house and than later on Katy Dee's and Katie's.

She explained to her friends about what she could remember about what had happened the night before. They sat calmly as they had ice cream in the usual spot in the parking lot. The group was fascinated on what had happened until Katie asked," Maybe this means something. I mean, I heard about Wargs before and they are really cool. They can transform into wolves at any time. Maybe your a Warg!" explained Katie as she wiped some ice cream off her lips.

" That would make perfect sense seeing how everybody is something out of the normal. I guess I can try it." and at the moment Laurel got up and tried to think about her favorite animal, a silver wolf she saw in a picture before.

And than before the groups' eyes, she transformed like an animorph and had become a silver wolf just like in her thoughts. She was stunning. The group sat in complete bewilderment, as Laurel became a wolf. She transformed back before anybody could find out. "That was pretty amazing! I can't believe it; this is going to be a lot of fun!" and she went on about how it felt to have her bones twist and crack and morph and crinkle into the desired form.

She felt incredible but yet she felt disgusted on how it sounded to have her insides move around. She, along with the rest of the group, was flabbergasted at the site until the unthinkable aspired. One of their ex-friends came around the corner where they were and he saw everything that happened. "Oh, my...God! Laurel I can't believe this. Oh, I'm telling everyone!" Drew proclaimed.

He started to run towards the entrance until Tony remembered a chant that would help. "Put thy nose to the ground. The Goddess made the and hound!" screamed Tony and in an instant Drew stood still and looked back at the group like a complete zombie.

To make sure nothing would be seen from other people, Katie chanted: " Time stand still, No minutes pass until I'm through!"

And in an instant, the people around us just stopped and ceased to even breath. Time was frozen. Laurel morphed back into a wolf and tore Drew up to scrapes but yet, he was still alive. And after the brutal thrashing, Spike and Katy Dee broke his skin with their teeth and drained him of his blood to death. The group left him there, laying on the ground, in front of the parlor and quickly ran to Katy Dee's house where they waited for the spells to dissemble.

They were amazed on what they could do but yet were scared; could they control their urges to destroy him? But he would have told several people and nothing about them could be discovered! And they would make sure of that! And of course their hate for Drew helped bring themselves to murdering him; that was just a pleasant perk of their power. But obviously, they could not abuse it, and they had to be a hell of a lot more careful. We leave here now. The group continued to talk about Drew and continued to talk about the supernatural, which was always their favorite topic.