A/N: This poem basically describes my admiration for the great talent that is Joaquin Phoenix ("Gladiator", "Quills"). It may sound a bit cheesy, but that's basically how I feel...you can't blame me, really...the man turns my inside to mush. :)

"Beauty Personified"

Passionate, like Valentine's crimson rose,
He steps into our skins and walks around in them;
He is being, his soul exposed.
A lone star amidst Hollywood's slum,
He sparkles and glows and unconsciously leaves a trail of blushing women in this wake,
Who are so taken to his innocent charm,
He seems to dominate their lives.
When I look at him I tire of myself.
His heart and soul are all I have ever wanted,
And seeing the person I should be being so utterly glorious,
I taste a bitter aftertaste in my mouth
That can be identified only as Jealously.
He is Beauty personified:
A gentle soul versus the harsh reality of his world,
and the world that holds us all.
His ordinariness puts him among the rest of us,
but when I look at him, I see someone special.
Someone who feels with his heart and cares with his soul,
Someone who inspires poetry and prose.
Someone who smokes like a chimney and drinks like Eurotrash
But ironically wouldn't eat anything that once had a mind.

An ordinary man with an extraordinary heart,
I tire of myself when I speak of him.