By Skye Rocket

A/N: I own Cheyenne, Alisha, Tyler and Drew. But I don't own anything else!

"Cheyenne, I think we're lost," Alisha said. I held up the lantern I had been carrying instead of a normal flashlight. I turned to face her.

"No, it's just a short cut! We should be almost there!" I said. Drew and Tyler glanced at each other.

"Are you positive?" Tyler asked. I nodded. I took another step, the leaves crunching under my feet. Trees blocked the moon and the only light was from the old, rusty railroad lantern I had borrowed from my grandfather. The edge of my long maroon cape swished at the ground. I was wearing a white peasant blouse with a bit of red on it and a crimson skirt that covered my black ankle boots.

Alisha was wearing black leggings under a long white gown. Her face was painted a seafoam shade of green, her hair was gelled up with white streaks in it and a slash of red lipstick covered her lips. She had decided to go as the bride of Frankenstein.

Tyler wore a skeleton mask with the eyes popping out of the empty skull and a long black robe with a hood. Drew was dressed as a soldier. His outfit was a dull mixture of camouflage.

We had wanted so badly to go to this party but we had no rides, so we decided to all walk together. But now, we started stumbling over roots and stepping in marshy areas. I held up the lantern again. A flash of lightning added to the light from the lantern for a very brief second.

Alisha was the first to react. She yelped and leapt a foot into the air, her green colored face contorted in horror. Drew and Tyler tried to look brave but miserably failed. As I held up the lantern, my hand shook uncontrollably.

We probably would have been all right, but then a gigantic clap of thunder echoed over the earth. And if that weren't enough, the rain erupted from the clouds in a flurry of cold and icy water. I groaned and grabbed Alisha's hand. The four of us dashed through the forest. I looked ahead and saw nothing, but I probably shouldn't have looked up.

"Cheyenne, look!" Drew said over the pounding rain. A large, dark house stood to the left of our path. We all glanced at each other and darted towards the structure. The door stood slightly ajar and on either side of it, a stone pillar with a granite lion perched on top stood by the door. I hesitated and pushed the door open. It creaked eerily and I slowly stepped in, followed by my "faithful" companions.

The room we stood in was dim, but holding my light up, I could see vague details of the room. A small, coarse wooden table with a vase on it. The vase was made of delicate glass, with flowers etched into it. A single, crinkled rose stood solitarily inside of it. A holder sticking out of the wall held a large torch (unlit) and as I looked around the room, I saw that many more of these hung on the walls.

I walked through the entryway over to the stairs. I heard the rain pounding on the roof of the castle-like house. Motioning for my 3 friends to follow me, I placed my foot on the first step and continued up the stairway.

"Cheyenne, we don't even know who's house this is! They'll be ticked if they find us here!" Tyler exclaimed. I shrugged and kept walking. I heard their feet clattering up the stairs as they reluctantly followed behind me.


Ehehehehehe! Don't worry, it will get more interesting later, I promise, I just needed to get a starting place.