Point of Veiw

He always does his daily thing,
He loves his football but rarely wins.

Prep or Jock? He's neither one,
Instead of studying he wants some fun.

He's liked and followed, they call out his name,
For just a minute he enjoys his fame.

He fakes a smile, and nods his head,
Sometimes wishes that he was dead.

He knows that life will never be fair,
Whispers softly "Does anyone care?"

She stands behind him, holds back her tears,
His harsh rejection is her only fear.

Thinks of him more than they know,
Her true feelings she'll never show.

She understands him, shares his thoughts,
He may never realize the love she sought.

She gives him a smile, he returns the grin,
They'll stay friends through think and thin.

He makes her smile when things are rough,
He doesn't realize have few friends isn't so tough.

Though it seems he doesn't know she's there,
Maybe someday true love they'll share.

He's loved by many, no one cares about her,
Even though they both act crazy, almost immature.

Innocently, she turns and sees him looking her way,
He smiles, gives her a wink,
Blushing slightly, it makes her think,
Maybe my kindness will finally pay.

But until then, she still a loser and he's adored by them all,
And she's still waiting by the phone for his call.

(I wrote that about a guy I like at school. I'm not sure if he likes me, but I really like him. I talk to him a lot and he seems much different than the popular people he hangs out with. He's a lot like me, only I'm a loser.)