There it looms before me, that gaping chasm glaring at me with spiteful nothingness. A black hole sucks everything into the dark abyss-light, matter, and little the little insignificant being known as me.

Blundering fool, I curse myself for accepted that damned challenge. My reputation was on the line. Will I be brave enough, will I succeed and proclaimed valiant or fail in my daunt cowardliness? Either way, it is too late to turn back. It is my turn as I'm prodded forward, launching myself into the nothingness.

I fall, sliding uncontrollably deeper, beyond no return. Claustrophobia presses around, despite the feeling of a vast but surrounding vacuum. The invisible walls press close, a barrier from the light-filled dimension I call my own. The air is so musty, I can't breath. Murky, lukewarm water runs beneath me. Fool, why did I do this? I'm going to keep sliding, keep falling forever. That is, if I don't suffocate first.

Wait, is that light? No, it couldn't be. Yes, it is! It grows brighter, reflecting off the confinements. I follow my beacon, drawing myself closer as if I am physically unable to do otherwise. I am blinded in the embrace of the sun's warmth.


I land in a pool of water. I scramble to rise, greedily inhaling the light, the air, and the senses of the beautiful world. I'm lucky to be alive. Never will I do that again, never will I give it up just to prove I am no coward.

I rise from the water, letting it run off my body. I am greeted my little sister.

"Told you I ain't no chicken," I say. She places her hands on her hips and glares up at me.

"Anyone can go on the dark waterslide. You prolly kept your eyes closed."

"Did not!" I argue, marching back up the hill. That wasn't so bad. I think I'll go on it again.