It all started out as a mistake. I mean who knew we could have gone back to far. We didn't know it would work. We were actually trying to get a little lego man not fly into pieces. But it all started a few weeks ago when I was at my friends house.
"Hey Josh want to see something funny?", said Jules. "Sure man.", I immeadiatley replied. We went up to his room and got this thing that spins out and attatched a watch with a magnet and tied the legoman to it. The lego man of course flew into pieces, and the watch and magnet flew and a diagnol direction at about 50 mph in a diaganol path. But previously Jules had set the alarm on the watch for 5 minutes later. May I mind you his watch was set to exactly my time, and 5 minutes earlier we had just went up to his room to conduct the experiment. After we both ducked I looked at my watch and instead of saying 1:38 p.m., it said 5 minutes before that time... 1:35 p.m. We had traveled back in time. We were amazed.
The next thing we heard were that chatting of voices and the thumping of feet comming up the steps. It was us. The us from 1:38 hid behing a closet door and watched ourselves do what we did 5 minutes earlier. The watch beeped at exactly 1:43 p.m. We dissapeared from the room and walked oout from behind the closet door. From the time of 1:38-1:43 p.m. we were erased from the face of the earth.. we didn't exist those five minutes, instead two of me, and two of Jules existed 10 minutes earlier at the same time. Day one of experimentation was complete. We did two more experimentations that week. The 2nd time we went back 10 minutes. 15 minutes the next.
After these experiemnts were made we also noticed that we look just like the person in the 15 minutes or what ever time before we went back in time. Because one time I had a hat on when I went back in time 15 minutes before, and when I got there it was gone. All together before today we have spent 1 hour longer in our youth.
We kept experimentingg going as far as 23 hours at a time. We kept on experimenting.. and then we ran into something we would never forget. The something that got us where we are today... When we weren't even alive. When we were nothing but a mere dream.