How come

How come dad?

Why do you never

Say hello or Good-bye?

You never say 'I love you' or

Even 'I'm proud.'

You don't take pride in my accomplishments,

You just take pity in my failures.

You don't give me boundaries,

It's like you aren't even here.

You yell, not talk.

When you do talk, you don't listen.

It's like only having one parent

Instead of two,

I sometimes think you

Don't want me here.

After all, you act

As if I'm not.

I need both parents in my life!

Come on,

You haven't taken

Part of it so far.

Will you be a

Part of my future?

If the answer is no,

Like it has been for so long.

How come dad?

How come you don't

Love me enough to promise that?

I sure love you enough to wish…

Don't I.

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