The Uninvited

Brush in turn
Off to the side
The unimportant one
The one who is expendable
After all, It doesn't matter
When broken glass is shattered
Even just a little more

Sweep it away
Pieces of a broken heart
A crippled soul
Take it in
Then push it back out
Turn it away
The uninvited

Multiple personalities
Differentiate in lies
Love it so much
But only for a while
Easy to send it back
After inviting it to stay
After all, it doesn't matter
When broken glass is stepped on

Unaimed daggers
Piercing the heart
Intentional bleeding
But ignoring the cries
Knowing fully it's unimportance
To the status of your happiness
Unneeding this child
The uninvited

Push it back
Into that oblivion
The place where it dwells
In the sorrow-filled dreams
Saturated with fiction
Broken fantasies
Sharp as glass
Cut away it's life
Doesn't matter, shouldn't care
Unimportant, unloved
Sent away
The uninvited