She kissed me hard. Oh God, it felt so good. Her lips grazed mine and her black lipstick smeared on my lips. It was an incredible experience to be sitting here in this chair, while she bent over to lean close and kiss me hard, her arms holding my shoulders tightly. I never wanted this moment to end. As bad as I wanted to enjoy this to it's fullest, I couldn't take my eyes off that silvery dagger that lay on her dresser.
What did she need that for? Maybe it was nothing. Maybe she was just fiddling with it earlier and just left it there a-top the dresser. But something felt odd about it. Very odd.
I tried to move my arms to point to the knife and ask about it, but I remembered suddenly that she had tied my wrists behind the back of the chair. This act had been a part of this "game" she wanted to play. It was very exciting and I was enjoying it immensely. And why not? After all, Lucy and I had been friends for quite a while now, and although I did think she was rather odd, I seemed to trust her a great deal. She never lied to me in the time I had known her, and I found her oddly attractive. But as I sat there in that chair, completely helpless and at her mercy, I was living out my wildest dream. However, I couldn't enjoy a single moment of it because of that damn dagger.
"Umm... Lucy?" I called out to her. She was standing in a corner, preparing something. The room filled with the fresh smell of incense. I took in the sight of her as she stood there wearing a short skirt, thigh highs, lace-up boots, and a short top; all of which were black. Don't ask me why, but I found that so strangely appealing.
"Yes?" she called back in that sweet voice of hers. She looked back at me over her shoulder and flashed me a smile, then turned back to whatever she was working on.
I shifted uncomfortably in my restrained position. "The dagger... Do you think you could... I dunno... Put it someplace out of sight?" I laughed nervously, "It's kinda scaring me."
She laughed. I heard a ripping sound, and she turned around to face me. The first thing I noticed was the small smile on her face. It was a calculating smile. She was planning something.
Then I noticed the electrical tape.
"What's that for?" I asked nervously. This little "game" of her's was starting to seriously frighten me.
She said nothing. That smile remained on her face as she pushed the electrical tape over my mouth, completely silencing me. Lucy walked over to the dresser and picked up the silver dagger.
"I love you so much, Hank!" she proclaimed desperately as she sliced her left wrist open with the dagger. Blood began to spill everywhere and she let out a loud scream of pain.
"Now we can be together forever!" Lucy cried out. She reached down to unlace her boots and slip them off. After that, she slowly pulled off her thigh high stockings. As she did so, I saw something that startled me. She had carved into her right leg. She used a knife, probably that dagger, and carved something into her leg!
Oh, no, no. It was me. It was my name. She carved my name into her leg! Oh please, please, please, no...
She slowly brought the dagger up to my wrist.
"Now you can join me," she softly whispered.