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Around 1 am, Jade began to get bored of watching the waves come in and out. The storm had ceased a while ago, and since she had sat in thought. She wasn't even sure of what time it was. She stood, and dusted herself off. Her clothes and hair were still wet, but that didn't matter to her.

Giving a final look at the now calm ocean waters, she turned, and began slowly walking up the coastline. Inwardly, she ignored her pangs of hunger. She didn't feel like eating tonight, and it's not like she would 'die' if she didn't feed.

Her boots left deep footprints in the wet sand, and the moonlight's shadows made them appear a few feet deeper.

Seeing something flash in front of her, Jade looked up to see a dark figure in the distance. Sneering in anger, she already knew it was Zac.

"Hn…" was all she muttered as she continued forward, keeping her head bent forward, her eyes not leaving the dark figure.

After a few moments of solitary walking, Jade walked past Zac, stopping a few inches behind him. Without turning, she merely hissed.

"You followed me.."

"I don't like talking to people who don't face me.." was all he replied.

Frowning again, Jade whipped around to face him. She crossed her arms across her wet jacket and shirt, and stood impatiently. The moon in front of her lit up her body, and her shadow flew out behind her.

Zac sneered back at her, and placed a hand on his hip. His other arm hung down, and he stood darkly in the moonlit background. The moon's shadows caused most of his features to be darkened by shadows, but his figure was still distinct, as were his flashing green eyes.

"You followed me.." said Jade again, gritting her teeth.

"You're just so interesting.." replied Zac, visibly grinning in the darkness.

"I'm just like everyone else in your managerie. Dark, angry, and full of angst. Why'd you decide to follow ME?"

Zac's eyes flashed again in the moonlight.

"To be honest. I don't know."

"Figures." She replied, tossing her head back, and grinning darkly back at him. "I don't appreciate stalkers.."

"And I'm sure you've had so many.." said Zac, sarcastically.

Jade frowned at him again, and held up a finger in an accusing manner.

"If you're trying to win me over with your great charisma, you're failing drastically."

"You just seem so different from all the others." He said, reaching out to grab her wrist. He gripped it, and pushed his thumb into the open skin. "It seems like you still have emotions, which the rest of us are so refreshingly devoid of."

Jade made no attempt to move. Narrowing her eyes, she raised her other hand to his cheek. He winced slightly at the touch, and his skin was cold under her hand.

"Emotions are a curse. And you're right, I am cursed." She quietly said, brushing his cheek lightly.

"I can help you.." he whispered, raising his other hand up to grip the one she had placed on his cheek. Grinning sadistically, his eyes flashing darkly. "It'll be fun.."

She smiled with him, narrowing her eyes again. "It sure sounds like it."

He smiled again, and let go of her wrist, reaching out to grab her shoulder.

Before he could reach it, she stepped away and wrenched her other wrist from his grasp. She continued smiling at his astonished look as she took a step back.

"No one can help me." She hissed through her grin. "It's been that way my entire life. I don't need, nor want any help."

Zac took a step forward, reaching out another hand. "But.."

She put a finger to his lips, and tilted her head slightly to the side. Still grinning deviously at him, she continued,

"I've been alone walking the dark path my entire life. I don't need someone beside me interrupting my solitude.." With that, she took another step backwards.

"You were right about me not being like anyone you've ever seen before. I'm cursed with emotions that I refuse to use, and I don't need anyone beside me."

And with that, she turned quickly in the sand, and continued her walk down the beach, leaving Zac behind.

The moonlight continued to cast dark shadows as the waves quietly crashed on the beach beside her. Smiling faintly to herself, Jade whispered the end of the sentence to herself.

"As much as I may want them beside me."

A ways away, Zac smiled to himself, and put a hand on his cheek, where she had brushed against him. Turning in the opposite direction, he began walking the way she had come. The moon before him lit up his figure dimly, his shadow falling on Jade's distant figure.

"I refuse to give up." Was all he whispered as he continued down the dark beach.

((I'm done. I think that's where I'm gonna end the whole series..sure, you never find out what happens to Shannon, Jade, or Zac. And you never find out Jade's past and who made her, but that's all the mystery or the game, ya? Life shouldn't be spelled out for you..use your imagination..maybe I'll finish it, since it's somewhat of an extension of my life (pah, mine's not that exciting, and I'm not half as interesting as Jade, *to most people anyway..*) If you can't note the symbolism in this story, then you deserve to be strung upside down, and not fed for weeks. Hey, it's my story, I'm allowed to make it as tragic, sad, and angst filled as I want! Sometimes you never find your true love, and sometimes you find them and something goes horribly wrong. Gods, I fucking hate love stories!))