Author: Shiva Darkwater | Rating: PG-13 | Summary: The God of Darkness has a plan for Aidenn... A plan he'll carry out until the end... | Series: One-shot/ Prologue to an unfinished story. | Disclaimer: Although I have taken many names and forms of Gods and the world is much similar as Norse mythology, the characters are indeed mine. No mythology has been injured in me writing this piece of fiction. | Author's Notes: The idea of creating my own mythological story has plagued me for a while and this is its small outcome. There's so much more to this world that I have created and I wish to let others read it, but I suppose it is all in due time.

Shadows Conquered

Ice swirled in the darkness. Tumbling and twirling till the flakes fell to the tundra. Wind churned around in the empty wasteland as it pushed the snow along the ground. Nothing could survive in this place. The place where no light could be seen and shadows became your allies. That is the place where ice and shadows rule all. Niflheim… The Shadow World…

"Nataku! Hey, Nataku!" A door suddenly appeared out of nowhere almost slamming into the woman's face. Brushing cerulean tendrils out of equally blue eyes the tall woman folded her extremely pale arms across her chest. "As always your humour never ceases to amaze me Nataku…"

The wooden door opened once more, an electric gaze peeking out between dark as midnight bangs. The lean, well-muscled body of Nataku lounged against the doorframe. Despite the low temperature of the tundra, the man seemed perfectly content in his black, form-fitting bodysuit, maroon leather pants gracing his long legs. Blinking slightly he brushed away the annoying strands of hair that fell to his shoulders in soft tufts. "Oh Siva, I didn't see you there," his voice dripped with sarcasm.

The two were the only ones that managed to survive in Niflheim, mainly because they ruled the land. Ice had long since been associated with darkness and shadows and thus, because of a few minor ego problems, the two were sent down into a barren wilderness under Hell, sealed away from the upper worlds. Out of all Nine Worlds Niflheim was about the last world a God would visit on vacation.

"Your humor's dying Nataku…" Siva responded unkindly, voice as cold as the ice she created. "You may be content to spend eternity and a day down here but I for one will not. Besides, it was your fault we got sent down here in the first place." Muttering softly the Goddess remembered the day that Nataku decided to send his shadows into the land of the Gods just because he was bored.

The electric eyes narrowed to a glare the bright color becoming a dark purple-red. "Fine, you want to spend your time figuring how to get out? Then leave, try and find a way… I'm after bigger fish… Like Aidenn."

Blue eyebrows rose at the Shadow God's words, a faint smile tugging on her upper lip. "Aidenn's forgotten about us probably 1500 years ago… How are you going to get him to notice you?"

Nataku smirked, shaking his index finger in the air as he clucked his tongue. "Well I doubt I could just yell… No… I need to get up… I'll get up, take over his worlds and then send him down here to rot!" He chuckled, madness creeping into his voice as he carried on.

"And how exactly do you plan to get up Mr. Big shot? Niflheim's sealed all around, there's no way to escape… right? Not until Aidenn or any of the others free us." The blue haired Goddess pointed out matter-of-factly.

"That's where you're wrong Ice Queen." The other responded, pushing his lean body away from the door to walk into the large building. The building was actually a house. A three story Victorian styled home coloured a pale icy blue by the frozen wind. Inside, the house was finely decorated, with red-brown walls, wooden floors and furniture that was surely antique. The windows were glittered with the frost, glimmering in the dusk like diamonds. In the room the two had entered, a green couch was located in the center matching with two other green armchairs, wooden tables corresponding with the floor. In one corner an expensive bookcase stood. That was where Nataku headed.

Pulling out a large, leather-bound book, the God flipped through the volume almost thoughtfully before pausing on a page, handing the book over to Siva. "Right there."

The blue haired Goddess blinked at the paper, a long sliver nail tapping the page. After reading through the paragraphs she raised her eyes. "Uruz…? Hey, where are you going?"

The azure eyes watched the man stride over to the wooden door on the adjacent side to the bookcase, trying the handle to show that it's locked. "Uruz, the rune that allows one to travel between the worlds…" Turning his head Nataku grinned. "I have a magic trick for you…"

The Goddess rolled her eyes, moving from the bookcase over to the door. "Oh this should be good…"

"An ordinary locked door, right? Well… not for long." Naturally black fingernails dug into the wood, etching an inverted, and upside down U. "Now what you see is an unlocked door that leads into a world neither of us have seen for 40 million years!" Nataku pulled hard on the handle expecting it to open. It didn't.

Gasping softly the Goddess rolled her liquid sapphire eyes once more. "Real impressive, I wish I could do that. Show me once more. You're so cool."

The eyes shifted to a dark green as Nataku looked over his shoulder. "Sarcasm is not necessary Siva," he growled softly before turning the handle and opening the door, causing the two to be faced with a black darker than the darkest pitch, the shade people dream about being encompassed in, yet one they have never seen before. The color that really was frightening.

"Is this… it? Is this the way people travel between the worlds?" her soft voice murmured from behind the Ruler of Shadows. "Well… if it is then there's your ticket out of here."

The green eyes widened, shifting to a pale periwinkle. "What are you talking about? We're a team I need your help. Besides, do you really want to stay here alone? We can rule the worlds together. Just ice and darkness forever."

Nodding in agreement, Siva placed her equally pale palm in Nataku's hand, silver nails and black joined. Blue eyes gazed into one another's, one set turning a glowing gold, before heading into the complete darkness where they were engulfed.

When the castaways broke free from the shadows the two faced a beautiful sunrise, the oranges and yellows just appearing o'er the horizon. The new world was astonishing, crystal clear water flowing freely and vibrant green grass growing without restriction. This was Middle Earth at dawn, mortals too tired to get up out of bed let alone walk the streets to carry on with their daily lives. The town they appeared in was quaint, brown shacks alongside cobblestone streets. Lamps were hung along the streets so late night individuals could find their way, the moon setting for the night to arise the next eve. The air was warm and fresh, the smell of baked goods evident. It was like nothing the two had seen for a very long time… too long… and they revelled in it.

"This is so amazing… It's so different…" Siva spoke up softly, cerulean eyes wide with amazement and awe. She could feel the mortals minds as they slept sound asleep. "We're back!"

The gold eyes melded into burnt orange, the colour of the sunrise, a smirk placed smugly on his lips. "It's not over yet… Now to find Aidenn…" With a wave of his hand dismissively the shadows that constantly were around him departed; free to wash over the town and plummeted the small village with a fog of shadows. "Aidenn show yourself… or I'll kill them all…"

The Goddess was surprised by the tone of Nataku's voice, full of hatred, quiet with untamed, wild rage. Turning to the God she shook her head. "Nataku… There's no need to go that far… Please…"

The orange gaze grew darker turning too red, the smirk growing as he ran his fingers through his silky midnight hair. "Siva… You're becoming too soft… Remember how he treated you? The whole world needs to die." Turning his face to the sky his voice rang out clear and thunderous. "Aidenn! Show yourself! In this last moment of this Goddess' life! Won't you pity her? Despise me? Then come! Now!" The madness in Nataku's voice grew as he laughed. "Siva, you're useful… You'll be the one to bring Aidenn to me…" Leaning in close to the Goddess, his lifelong comrade, and his lips quirked into a grin. "See you in Hell…"

"Nataku…? No… you wouldn't… you wouldn't…." Cobalt eyes widened incredibly as Nataku's nails dug deep into her stomach, reaching his arm into her as he whispered softly, eyes a perfect, brilliant, royal blue, the eyes of the devil.

"I know you loved me… Good Bye…" Pulling his arm out of her abruptly Siva jerked forward before stilling, mouth and eyes open as she painfully drew her last breath, the shadows engulfing her soul. Dropping her dead body with a sigh of disgust, blue eyes raised once more to the sky as if in wait.

As if on cue the large wisps of clouds parted making way for the golden form of Aidenn, the god of all living things. The God's hair was a golden blond waves cresting atop his head, eyes of the same brilliant gold, narrowed from their usually friendly state as his lips formed a frown. Dressed ultimately in gold his armour matched his golden skin perfectly. He was a just God, yet his temper was known to flare often leaving a hurricane in its wake. Looking down upon everything his gaze landed finally to rest on Nataku, fierce eyes widening in surprise. "Nataku… What are you? How?" Aidenn stumbled for words, wondering why the man he had cast to Niflheim was here of all places.

Gesturing to the lifeless body of Siva, his lips raised with a twitch. "Aidenn… Just whom I wanted to see… Too bad you came to late to save her…" Raising amethyst eyes, Nataku purred. "So that's how you do it… Wait till one's dead before you try to save them… or banish them away to an unknown place forever!"

The blond God growled slightly, turning his gold-eyed gaze away from the deceased Goddess with a sigh. "How did you escape?"

The purple eyes narrowed. "So you even remembered you put us down there. I'm impressed. Then why didn't you let us free 100 million years ago?"

"You're exaggerating, as usual. It wasn't for nearly as long as you say. In fact, my council was thinking of freeing you two next year…" The gold orbs swept around to the damage the violent God had caused, shaking his head slightly. "Yet considering the harm you've already created not to mention the death of a Goddess… I don't think that's very likely anymore…"

Purple eyes churned black, hints of gold flowing through. "You seem to misunderstand Aidenn… I don't answer to you… I haven't answered to you ever since you locked me down there, and I won't go down again. I'm taking over Aidenn! And you… you will see how you like the cold for eternity!"

"And we'll settle this how? With a duel? You and I both know who the victor will be in that." Aidenn genuinely smiled as he held up his golden blade. If it ever went to muscle against muscle the blond had much more strength and training than the God of Darkness. They'd tried years ago before the dark God made the foolish mistake and got sent to Niflheim.

"A duel? Yes… But a duel of strength you ask? No…" Nataku replied mysteriously. "What I believe is appropriate is a duel of wits. A riddle."

"A riddle?" Golden eyes blinked. "We're settling the future of the Nine Worlds by a riddle? Isn't this kind of pathetic?"

"That's only because you'll lose and you know it!" The other accused defensively, ebony eyes narrowed in defiance. "I'll tell you a riddle and if you don't give me the correct answer, then you lose. As punishment you go to Niflheim, and I rule the Nine Worlds." With that said the God then quoted:

"I'm something. I'm nothing. I'm short. I'm tall.

When you fall at your sport, then I stumble and fall.

I have never been seen yet beneath a new moon.

I thrive in the evening but vanish at noon.

I am lighter than air, I weigh less than a breath

Darkness destroys me, and light is my death."

Aidenn was at a downfall. He'd never thought a thing like riddles as being important, much preferring rigorous training than the battle of the mind. Riddles confused him, which is why he often ignored Loki when the mischievous God was in one of his moods. Of course, leave it to his brother to be just like him. As he wracked his brain for an answer he attempted in keeping his eyes away from those mesmerizing, ever-changing depths, which now seemed to become a beautiful teal colour as he silently claimed his success. Before he could speak aloud something clicked inside Aidenn's puzzled mind. Darkness destroys me and light is my death… He was talking about himself! "A shadow," the blond answered himself aloud.

Yellow eyes opened to see the hatred flare in those soon becoming jade eyes. Aidenn knew he had won. The sun made it's way above the horizon causing the fog above the town to evaporate as the light destroyed it completely. Switching back into power, the blond God crossed his arms. "Alright Nataku, you've had your fun and lost, now… Niflheim's waiting for you." As he spoke a black vortex appeared in the ground nearby. "Too bad you destroyed your friend."

The jade eyes glared, sending one last glance over his shoulder to watch the rising sun. "I'll be back, you can be sure of that." Walking over to the eddy Nataku shook out his silky hair before sliding into the blackness once more.

Aidenn never doubted him for a second. He would be back; he knew it. He'd cause more trouble then disappear once again because, even though he wanted the power, the light of the sun was sure to destroy him.

Back in Niflheim, Nataku lounged on the couch, his hair mussed and eyes furious. His self-composure was lost yet no one would care. All he could do was look out at the diamond-like ice crystals and watch what was happening in Middle Earth, already planning for his next escape.