Too late to say sorry?

When is it too late to say sorry?
After all the pain we have caused eachother,
please try to remember the half days,
the summer and the love we had.
I know it's too late now.
We no longer fit the mold needed for this friendship.
I am here, on the ground,
watching you,
my little butterfly,
up in the sky
I want you to know Im sorry.
After all that we've been through.
It's the days like this,
when i miss you.
Im all alone in my palace,
with nothing left to do.
So for now i have sit around and think of you.
the small hands that healed my heart,
you smile that could cure the world,
those eyes that i lost myslef in.
You were there for me.
I fell as if im falling,
as angels never should,
im writting lyrics to our song,
i had hoped there would be no ending,
but for now i can no longer cry,
i will just say have to say good night.
have sweet dreams, and think of me well,
regard the evil snares of society,
lay tucked into your bed,
sleep sweet,
when the morning arrives,
i will see you again.