Forewarning this deals with a religious aspect and I fully support anyone's religion and will not say there is a right or a wrong on either side of things. This country is free and as such I would never want to influence what others find to be right or wrong. This is just my thoughts on something if you wish to read. Although you are a faceless wonder, you have the ability to make millions believe that maybe there is a chance to clean the slate and start over. You give the lost a guiding hand, and help them up again. You're the reason so many wake up day in and day out. You blessed us with a world, which selfishly we didn't know how to save. This is beauty to the full in every tear drop to every amazing scenery... we thank you For everything that comes and goes like leaves in the wind, we realize there is a reason and a season for everything. This just makes some so much more thankful for just the short meetings or lessons learned along the way. We all wish we could remember all the good in every moment of vacation, of our first date, of our first major accomplishment and so on. Can you blame us for trying to live a decent life, or for trying to let you know just how much you mean to us? You are the strength in an abounded teenager, or the man on the corner who lost everything he knew. You are the joy in a little child and the joy when they finally find true love. You are the one there to pick up all believers whenever they fall. Some question whether there is something as great as you. While others wonder why this world is so cruel. Yet with out a doubt people can live the way they want to. But to me just the thought of you there helps me by giving me the courage to conquer it all. Thank you.