This is a poem to one of my good friends. He like most people in the world don't believe that they are anything special. He is always telling me how much I mean to him and that his life is better now that I am in it. But you start to wonder after awhile. I guess this poem started out as something different but went in this direction because its hard to see what the world holds and what truly is reality. Well I guess I'll stop delaying this. I hope you enjoy, even though I don't think its that great. with the soft touch of your hand my world seems to freeze as if it were the winters coldest night in Alaska and the only two people were you and I yet with your simple smile you can defrost the moment and bring me back into the wonderful reality of you but is it true or is this all another lonely dream maybe the way we've always lived in such suppurate atmospheres prevents me from thinking of this as reality it is hard to explain to yourself and your heart that it is real for the broken heart has no time to heal in this world yet it seems that only when all logicalness is lost does your heart truly allow your mind to catch the glimpse of what is the true reality maybe this could be what it seems to be