The Shining of the Skull

By RainbowKat

Author's Notes: Daimaou is actually a word made up by Lucifer Daimaou. I did not invent it and thus shall have no credit using the word…

A figure was fleeing through the halls of the vast manor. Nothing visible was behind, yet she felt a menacing, ghostly presence near her. She was getting tired, running and fleeing from the strange danger in the manor. Gasping for air, she finally stopped, turning to face the unknown threat. First nothing seemed to be there, until a phantom form rose from nothingness, and she screamed, again and again. A sinister laugh, along with her screams, echoed down the mysterious corridors of the beautiful, evil Daimaou Mansion. Not even the mansion's old-world Victorian elegance and splendor could save this victim from her ultimate fate.

Footsteps rang through the mansion, but there were no inhabitants to be seen. Outside, howling wind bent the trees to an impossible angle. A young woman was lying on the lawn, her arms and legs in a lifeless position. The full moon's light shown on her, illuminating the body like a pale spotlight. There was a crimson pool of blood beneath her expired body, and it spread like scarlet snakes darting out of a nest. An owl flew in the sky crying, "hoo, hoo" like a death bell. Soon the vultures would come, sensing rotten flesh, and tear and devour her body until nothing was left except white, shiny bones that stood out against the dark green grass and the ghastly mansion.

The snow began to fall, and instead of the usually sparkling white, they were a deep, dark tint of blood red.

A shadowy figure walked across the snow, near the frozen body. As the individual approached the mansion's grounds, a crunching sound was heard. The figure, startled, looked down and saw that she had stepped on a curious milk-white object. It was hard and almost shapeless, with two holes near the top and what seemed like teeth at the near bottom; it seemed empty, except for the gray ooze that slowly dripped on the insides. She almost dropped the object when she finally realized what it really was. A shining skull, with the moonlight splashing upon it like waves that gave off beautiful but eerie grace. A skull…