Dedication: The object of this poem came perilously close to guessing who it was for. Because of this, although he probably won't be reading it here, I'm not gonna take the chance of putting down his name. So, instead of dedicating this to him, I offer it to everyone who's known unrequitable love.

Rating: should poems be rated? Oh well… PG for the tactful mention of nudity ;)


sweet love falling

and the grass feather touch against

our naked skin, tingling

as we roll among the dandelions

nectar scented

sweet love falling

soft rain starts to plummet

cool us off and we don't mind

take our time and hide below

the shady musky maple branches

pull a blanket tight around and watch

the rain as it cascades

listen closely to its rhythm

hold me warm and happy, tired

and stay outside until the stars shine

love, let's take our time

-April 2001

* just wondering, but does the wording remind anyone, stylistically, of a specific musician? If so let me know. It reminds me, and I'm curious as to whether it's all in my imagination J

Thanks, and I apologize for taking up your time reading bad poetry. –Dr. T