hi im back with more poems

No warning at all just death

here ne now on the day when all the great men will soon fall
warn the now or fight your self and die like they soon will
a curse it was a wicked one put apon these brave ones will
they ever know what it was that did this to them? they will
if you go as swift as the wind and warn them of there soon
to be death.

the battle has started already you say but you have not ever
warned them they do not know they all will be killed in this
firey battle feild what will we do what can be done its already
to late the will die very soon you are stupid for it was your
mistake for not warning them of this instead you sleept you
lazy man good bye O brave ones I drink to your death

Its over now almost every things gone the whole world is
is almost destroyed and all because of you, you killed
them all its all through i necer should have trusted one
as lazyb and stupid as you if they olnly got the message
i'd tell them all if i could yet now its to late and i cant yet
move and bever again do i wantv to.

I wrote this poem because i fell that war is evil. it takes place as if there was another world war, the world woud be almost completely destroyed if we had one. well thats that so go on


George huried across the lawn there was work to
be done yet he must have some fun so he ran and
he played all the day away then went inside his house

"where have you been and what may i ask were you
doing? his mother asked with a nasty tone in here voice
George just answerd simply "playing" his mother asked
"did you clean your roo, or did you wash the dishes.?"
George shook his head no and his mom yelled go and
he went to bed and sleept.

that night in his dreams he was cleaning and his mom
was saying just how good he was well George was the
kin of fellow that listend to his dreams so next day he
worked and he felt so good that he worked hard the
rest if his days

so you see young ones that work aint so bad and that
if you just play you wont be doing anything good so
you need them both to live happly for the rest of your

M-E Spells Me

when asked how to spell my name
i answer M-E. When asked why I
just smile and say just because
M-E spells me

when asked what im doing i answer
somthing and when the ask why i
why not when asked why i act the
way i do I just say why do you ask
want to copy me?

when asked where i am when im on
the phone i answer somwhere and
when they aske how how to spell
my name i answer M-E 'cause M-E
spells me.