The Mirror Parable

There was a once a mirror-maker who sought to make a mirror to reflect someone's image perfectly because mirrors weren't very good back then. After weeks of labour he finally perfected the formula for the perfect mirror. Unfortunately, one day in his shop as he was working on other things, his perfect mirror fell of the table and shattered into a million pieces. The maker patiently gathered up the pieces and began the slow and tedious task of repairing the broken-once-perfect-mirror, and he worked diligently until the mirror once again reflected his image perfectly.

We are all broken mirrors, and God(our Maker) is seeking to put us back together. The first step in this process has to be accepting Christ's sacrifice, otherwise we do not allow him to put us together again. It will never be completely done until after we die and he reveals himself to us fully and we dwell with him in Paradise. But day-by-day, I know my pieces are being put slowly back together.