Title: Hear What I'm Not Saying

Rating: PG

Summary: Some people need to listen without their ears while others speak without their mouths.

Author: potionsmaster

You say that you're listening, but I don't always believe you. I speak and you nod, but that's just about the extent of your hearing capabilities. And you use words to respond to me as well. But you don't really listen to me.

Hardly anyone does.

Stop for a moment and think: When was the last time you really understood? When was the last time you actually heard what I was trying to tell you? Don't be surprised if your memory fails you. Stop listening with your ears. Broaden your mind past all that. And listen, really listen, to what I'm actually saying to you.

I tell you to leave me alone

I say let me be

I say I don't need help; I can do it on my own.

I will never say 'I love you'

I turn my back and hold my tongue against the broken world

I show no emotions on the outside except cold indifference

I accept whatever events happen in the course of the day without so much as a second glance

Yet that's not what I'm saying in my heart.

The clues I give are subtle. If you listen, you can hear them whisper as I walk away from you.

I will do things in my own way that says I care

It's not the big things but the little ones that will have the greatest impact

I will listen to you if you let me

I will be there for you

Now that you've learned to listen to what is never spoken, use it. Listen to others. All people have stories to tell. They way they walk, the way they act, the way they go about life...

Listen to the wind; the secrets are many

Listen to the earth; the joy of life throbs in every heartbeat

Listen to the water; the voices sooth your troubles

Listen to the stars; the song brings peace to your soul

Listen to yourself; you will find happiness and completion

Listen to others; they will share in your enchantment of the world