America's Wound

It was only yesterday

It seems like so long ago

When America was peaceful still

Before cowardly minds sunk so low.

All across America

From sea to shining sea

Everyone was affected

From the president to me.

They began by gaining control of planes

Hijacking those that fly so high

The terrorists turned the planes around

And towards Washington began to fly.

As the planes were hijacked

Each cell phone made the same call

To tell loved ones one last goodbye

As the planes began to fall.

Into the World Trade Center

At 7:45 a plane crashed

About twenty minutes later

Another followed fast.

A plane crashed into Pittsburgh

The only one to miss its mark

Those that died left family

With hearts so very dark.

The plane crashed into the Pentagon

We heard about it at last

The politicians all agree

Nothing like this ever happened in the past.

Lives are taken, lost, and gone

Bodies buried beneath the rubble

The same question lays on every mind

How can anyone cause this much trouble?

How could anyone do this

Commit this terrible deed

Everyone is hoping

The FBI has a lead.

As the search parties begin to look

Across the country we continue to pray

Pray for the lives of our loved ones

Missing on this fateful day.

As the search continues

Many dead bodies are found

Until they find one woman alive

Buried on the ground. As we speak the volunteers

Look for more people alive

Unfortunately we already know

The death count will be miles too high.

America wasn't prepared for this

It all happened so fast

The country is in mourning

Flags are flown at half-mast.

America is wounded

Everybody in distress

Sadness, Fear, Worry, Grief

Feelings none can express.

Buildings will rebuild

America's wound will heal

But we will always remember

The day hearts broke when terrorists left home to kill.

This is written in memory and honor of those whose lives or the life of a friend was lost in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.