This is not anything I wrote, my best friend T. wrote this, (well the first chapter anyway, I wrote the second) it's a bit of a parody of Eastenders, and I thought it was quite funny, doesn't make any sense, but funny nonetheless. The next chapter is my reply to this story. mines not as funny but my sis said it was good.
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disclaimer: Eastenders, Robbie Williams, Graham Norton, Kelly from Stereophonics, and parliament do not belong to either me or T. So don't sue us. Oh, I don't belong to T. and T. doesn't belong to me.

One Scene play-in a pub

Seran: Hiya!

T: Hi! How's Robbie?

Seran: Fine, Fine. Hows things?

T: Cool. Hey-isn't that Graham Norton?

Seran: Yeah-hi gorge! (Seran and Graham kiss passionately)

T: (To Graham) How was your day?

Graham: Well... it was quite mad actually.

Seran: Why? What's up?

Graham: Nothing. Really!

Seran: You don't really expect me to believe that-do you? (Robbie Williams walks in) Hi Babe! (they snog) Do you know what's up with Graham?

Robbie: (He looks oddly at Graham) Yeah, I must tell you, that, well, I'm not really Robbie. You see I am actually Kelly from Stereophonics! What I mean is (He pulls off his mask to reveal he is Kelly from Stereophonics!)

Seran: Babe! (They kiss-A/N Christ I'm kissing everyone!) but why would that bother Graham?

Graham: Well... (He pulls off his mask to reveal he is a woman) I'm his ex! (Seran and Graham fight. Seran rips off Grahams, sorry, Kelly's ex's head)

Seran: I've won! (They all sing and dance to Angels-Robbie Williams)

Cue: Eastenders drum ending bit)

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